PAK Study Manual Package / PAK Online Seminar (CFE/SDM) (Spring 2023)

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It is my honor to announce that the PAK Study Manual Package / PAK Online Seminar ( Spring 2023 ) are now available. Please note that we added the second-attempt guarantee in our PAK Study Manual Package. This guarantee will give you the free access of the updated materials in Fall 2023 exam administration (if you do not pass the exam in Spring 2023).

Our PAK products include the following items:

  • PAK Study Manual
  • PAK Flash Cards
  • PAK Exam Aid
  • PAK Test Aid
  • PAK Online Seminar

The PAK Suggested Study Schedule(s) for CFE/SDM are available on our PAK website ( ). The samples of our manuals are attached in this post. Our products are available for purchase on the Actuarial Bookstore and Actex.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

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“For my FSA exam journey, PAK wasn’t just a study manual. It was two encouraging, helpful guys, Paul and Eddy. Not only were their materials critical in getting me through the Corporate Finance and ERM track, but also their personal instruction through email and videos pushed and encouraged me. The notecards, condensed study manual, forum to communicate with other students, and videos were the most useful materials in my exam preparation. I used PAK for all 3 of my FSA exams and passed each one on my first attempt! While I’m grateful to be done with FSA exams, I’m going to miss the friendships that I’ve made with these two guys, as that’s how much I felt they cared about my success. I highly recommend their study materials. Paul and Eddy, I wish you both the best!”
Luke – SDM/CFE/ERM Student

“I have used PAK study materials for preparing for my FSA exams and I believe they are the best products on the market today. The thoroughness of the material, the ample review questions and the comprehensive online course made a difficult journey to FSA measurably easier. In addition, their responsiveness to my questions and customer service were always exemplary.”
Mark – SDM/CFE/ERM Student

CFE Spring 2023 (PAK Product Sample and PAK Suggested Study Schedule)
PAK Study Manual for CFE Spring 2023
PAK CFE Suggested Study Schedule

SDM Spring 2023 (PAK Product Sample and PAK Suggested Study Schedule)
PAK Study Manual for SDM Spring 2023
PAK SDM Suggested Study Schedule

Should you have any questions about the CFE/SDM exams or the FSA exam restructure, please feel free to send us an email. Thanks!

And please let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you!

Thanks to Paul and Eddy, I passed CFESDM exam this time and passed all CFESDM, CFEFD, and ERM exams in MY FIRST ATTEMPT! I used PAK Study Package and PAK Online Seminar and they were extremely helpful. The study manual was comprehensive yet concise, and there are a lot of other exam aids that I utilized such as the condensed study manual (for the second round of read-through), the online videos (super helpful and explain the calculations/walk through examples), the mock/practice questions (strengthen my understanding on the topics), the emails (the 2 instructors Paul and Eddy are extremely helpful and respond to any question you have and with great clarity/detail, which was probably my favorite part of this package). All in all, I’m very happy with the materials and coaching received, I don’t think I could have done more in the time that I had to study. I will 100% highly recommend PAK to everyone.

DMAC, here I come!

Thanks, PAK too! I passed the CFEFD exam and got a 8! C’est fantastique!

The PAK manual package is extremely beneficial in getting me ready for the exam. It helped me lay out my game plan, read/understand the source materials, practice the topics and calculations, and review the areas I missed in the last month. Most importantly, I was able to get their feedback on my answers and apply what I had learned to the case study and the exam questions.

Thank you, Paul! I really enjoyed your videos. You explained the hard calculations in an easy format. I was able to grasp the calculation methods quickly and strengthen my knowledge by practicing numerous practice questions and mock questions in the package.

The PAK Audio and Anki flashcards were my favorite part! They condensed the key topics into a well-organized format so that I could review them easily. I used the audio flashcards at least 30 minutes in my jogging every day. That means one week = 30 mins x 7 days = 210 mins and one month = 210 mins x 4 = 840 mins. That is an extra 14 study hours per month!

PAK is your best choice if you are determined to pass CFEFD. I highly recommend PAK to all of you! Merci!

Before I used PAK, I took the SDM exam once, with other resource, and failed it. I studied very hard but was unable to complete the questions on the exam day. Then I switched to PAK this time and had a great experience. I got many questions about the readings, and Paul and Eddy replied to my questions quickly and clearly. I appreciated Eddy’s feedback on my answers to previous exam questions. In addition, I discovered a lot of mock and practice questions for practice. This is critical because not many past exam questions in the SDM exam are available.

The online videos are fantastic! Paul went over each reading and discussed which topics were important. I watched his videos again if I didn’t remember anything and asked him questions if I did.

I passed the SDM exam with a 9 in my first try. Thanks Eddy and Paul! Thanks all your hard work! I really appreciate it!

Congratulations on passing the CFE/SDM exam! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the other exams and/or the FSA exam transition. You can also find more information here: Highlights of "FSA Track Changes and Transition Rules for 2023"

Thank you very much for all your kind words! Keep in touch!

The PAK Product sample and the PAK Suggested Study Schedule for CFE/SDM Spring 2023 are now attached (in the first post). Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions. Thanks!