So, the bf told me last night that one of his coworkers’ daughter is on OnlyFans (her dad doesn’t know, but all her dad’s coworkers do) and has about 10k followers, with subscription fees at $5/month)

So she’s raking in 50k a month (600k/year) working fewer than 10 hours a week, if you consider pleasuring yourself “work”.

I’m rethinking my life choices.

HS counselor to all of us, in high school: you know, being an actuary is considered one of the least stressful careers out there. Pay is great, yeah you’ve got a few exams to pass but you’re great at math, do that for say 30 years and you can retire comfortably if you manage money smartly.

HS counselor to students today: you know, for about 10 hours a week you can set up a website where people will pay to see you naked. Pay is fantastic, you can make $500K a year or more, do that for about 5-6 years or so and you can retire comfortably if you manage money smartly.

I think at some point in the future this will indeed be the smarter life choice.

As a non photogenic person I’m okay with the actuary thing I dunno


There’s a whole genre for that you know.

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I dunno as a straight guy I heard there isn’t really money unless you’re huge or doing gfp.

You don’t have to do anything specifically gfp to cater to that crowd. Also, there’s a whole genre of g p0rn that is specifically on straight guys in their natural habitat

this pisses me off. i was too busy at work last year to take any time off. it’s not true for my actuarial field.

Is it just me, or is the answer to your problems kind of right under your nose, here?

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