One big meal per day to save time?

I’m not interested in losing weight or anything like that. What I hate is doing the dishes and cooking but takeout is also expensive. Eating also takes time too. So I was wondering if I just made one big meal that was 2,000 calories, could I just eat that and drink water the rest of the day and turn out just fine? That way I only have to wash 1 set of dishes and I don’t have to spend as much time eating.

I have definitely eaten more than 2000 cals in a single sitting. if it was everyday, I would have to schedule the down time and slow moving that usually follows.

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We should go for AYCE some time.

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I’ll have to check the Guinness Book to see what the world record is for number of dumb ideas on a single discussion board…

My guess is that your one meal might have too many shitty calories (one whole cake!), and you’ll get too hangry later.

Alternative plan: Make your one meal, but make several servings of it. So, wash the cooking materials once over several meals.

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Could your digestive system handle that, or would a lot of the good stuff come out in the end rather than getting into the blood?

an anagram of your GoA ID is dr_non_fat-n … lol

I’ve done OMAD at around 1,000 calories. It’s not terrible. My body actually prefers it.

Trying to consume 2,000 might be more challenging, but you get there pretty easily on a high fat diet.

I’m sorry, the clear answer to the OP’s situation is to have one-pot meals and to use paper plates and plastic ware (if just using your hands is out of the question).

when I was a younger and more active person, I once at for 100 minutes at a sizzler. we were limping around the place to help it settle. it was not a good idea.

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OMAD I’ve read is good for your blood sugar.

I dont eat breakfast and many days dont eat at all until after 3pm. Its not exactly one meal a day but it works for me.

I had a couple of major pig-outs in my younger days too!!! Now that I’m ooooold, I take a far more sensible approach to AYCE.

Me too. I eat three meals a day and don’t do either of those things. Huh.

That’s called intermittent fasting. Google for meal plan

When I was under 140 lb in college I used to eat a box of Krispy Kream a day in addition to regular meals.

You could try just eating donuts.

why once a day? Why not try 14000 calories once per week? That’s 7 times more efficient. Think of how much more time you’ll save



Now I’m almost 190 lbs of muscle!

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in fact, you could find a food eating contest once a week and compete in that to get your calories. Work smarter, not harder

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You may be on to something

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Even better: get sponsors so you don’t even have to pay the entry fee.