Olive Oil - Should I Even Bother?

Too hot for what? The steaks I’ve been eating for the last fifteen years? They taste great to me.

tried avocado oil once. Didn’t like the taste

beef tallow anyone?

Well, then I can’t help you.

Er, yeah, she doesn’t need help. Was that a really flat joke?

No joke at all.
Change “help” to “advise,” if you think it would help you understand.

Also, it’s common knowledge.

definitely should not be using olive oil for steak. overheating oil is extremely unhealthy

Seems like there are different points of view on it per the Google. Anyway, it works fine for me. Shrug.

Beef tallow is delicious, but I don’t have a source, and it’s too unhealthy for me to seek it out.

I’ll correct myself: regular olive oil is ok, EVOO is not.

Lots of good stuff in here, even if it never mentions reverse-searing.

yeah me too. Where to get it, how long it keeps etc

Costco olive oil is real stuff. That’s what we use.

We have it in our grocery store here. My spouse buys it to make homemade suet cakes for the birds. I believe it comes frozen as it is right next to the liver which definitely comes frozen.

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Y’all come visit. The beef fat candle is very good. The flame liquifies the fat for dipping. Just don’t eat the wick.