Olive Oil - Should I Even Bother?

Yo I heard olive oil was like, better than vegetable oil for my health or whatever. But I hear the mafia are heavily involved in the business and that all of it is like fake or diluted or something.

Do I even?

Smoke point of olive oil is lower than vegetable oil, so be careful.

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Buy Spanish, Greek, or CA olive oil if you are worried about organized crime connections.

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Olive oil is great, what’s the problem?

don’t cook olive oil.

Don Corleone waters it down with who knows what

How else would you get the true Italian flavor?

Maybe you can get the real thing if you pay enough pizzo

Last I heard, California Olive Ranch stuff is all legit and it’s what I buy. It’s pretty widely available, at least in places I’ve lived, YMMV.

get the virgin, just like in sicily

actually i found light olive oil (not virgin) is great to cook with

I like peanut oil for cooking, but olive oil is good for low-temp cooking, and for raw oil. I have both virgin olive oil for drizzling on veggies and regular olive oil for making pasta sauce.

I’m dubious that there is enough Mafia involvement in the California olive oil industry for me to worry about it.

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Deep-fry: Peanut oil
Pan-fry: Usually vegetable oil or sketchy store-brand olive oil
Using raw: Olive oil (from our oil guy)

Rarely have seen a benefit from using other oils unless it’s infused with a flavor, etc. Excepting specialty things like chili or fish oils.

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I buy the brand from my local Whole Foods Wannabe But Cheaper chain.


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I’m not as enthusiastic about oils as I am about vinegars. I use olive oil for just about all my cooking, except the rare deep frying experiment. I rub olive oil on my steaks and then grill or pan fry. I use it when roasting veggies or pan frying potatoes. I also use it for salad dressings and even in my homemade bath bombs.

I use vegetable oil or canola oil for baking, though. I find the olive oil taste much more noticeable in baked goods and it doesn’t usually work so well unless it’s like a rosemary bread or something. And I don’t like rosemary anyway.

And that’s assuming I have to use oil for the recipe. I prefer butter when I bake because butter >>> oil.

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I wasn’t even aware there was an olive oil controversy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Might be too hot for olive oil. just sayin.’

I can’t stand canola oil. It’s the only common food oil that I really dislike.

I bake with butter, unless I’m baking for vegans, then I bake with palm-oil-based shortening. I guess I’ve sometimes used coconut oil or chicken/duck/goose/bacon fat for something like a cornbread. If I REALLY need a neutral-flavored vegetable oil, and even peanut oil has too much flavor, I’ll pick up some safflower oil.

I use grapeseed if I need a high smoking point. Works well.