Okay, you suburbanites have a point

One thing that sucks about inner city life is that I can’t go deep fry whatever I’m feeling at the moment. If I had some space in the back, I could deep fry anything. Oreos, bananas, you name it.

Frozen turkeys?

If I had a yard, the fair wouldn’t happen in October, it would happen anytime.


Oreos and bananas taste fine enough. Extra work seems like wasted time.

Also, more air pollution, noise pollution light (at night) pollution. No real reason to live downtown unless you HAVE to work downtown, and even then, I’d look for work elsewhere.
I’ve worked downtown (L.A.), and I’d never live there. For two years I commuted, which took an 1.25 hours from office (walk to Red Line, get on train in Union Station, take Metrolink to destination station) to home, an extra hour if I missed the preferred train.
Fun fact: Commute distance was shorter than the job I left, but commute time was a lot longer.

My backyard fair has ladder ball, cornhole, soccer, bocce ball, and frisbee. You bring the snacks.

We have cornhole, horseshoes, badminton. Decent sized deck, and a gas grill. Driveway has a basketball hoop and we can drag in a hockey goal.

I live a 5 minute walk to the NYC ferry to downtown (trip takes about 40 mins), and a 5 minute drive from the commuter rail line (65 mins to midtown).

(Plus a 3 minute drive from the bay beach and a 10 minute drive to the ocean beach.)

How far is it to the nearest major airport???

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EWR is 45 mins (can take a commuter line right to the airport
ACY & PHL are about an hour and a half
LGA & JFK a little over an hour

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You know ladder ball? I’ll be playing that this weekend!

You mean hillbilly golf?

I’ve never heard it called that.

OK, so not the one in Gatlinburg.

Yes, that is it.

Apparently, there are “mini-golf” venues with that name . . .

How to Make Hillbilly Golf {A Fun Yard Game} (divaofdiy.com)

lol that we hit the same site right about the same time . . .


Don’t eat fried food. Problem solved. And you live longer.


but without fried food, are you really living?


there are other kinds of drugs that are way healthier

But not nearly as tasty

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The day I gave up fried foods was indeed the day I transitioned from life to unlife.

But not as happy.

This, too.