Offical Video Game Thread

got a new iPad recently, and reloaded my never-quite-finished version of Final Fantasy. Yeah, that one. Enjoying it as it’s not so overwhelming as, say, when I watch my daughter play Genshin Impact or my sons play Super Smash Brothers Brawl or League of Legends. Feels like just my style. Will probably get a few of the others over the next few years as I finish them.

Also reconnected with The Room and completed it. I have 2 and 3 and Old Sins cued up ready to churn through over the next few months.

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Been obsessively playing Super Auto Pets lately. It’s a team building battle game, where you buy certain pets, they have abilities, you can level them up, they play off each other. And you go to 1v1 battles after each round against someone in the same round.

It’s interesting enough. Fun when you get to make the most of a pet or combo of pets. What hooked me into the longer play was the typical achievement hook. Trying to get each pet to max level, and then trying to win a game with each pet on max level. Super challenging for some of the 60 pets. And then there are about 6 hidden pets you can achieve as well. So now I’m trying to close out all of those.

In some ways I really enjoy it. In others, I am looking forward to it not sucking up so much of my time.

I forget how much I talked about this previously (or not), but I did build an arcade machine that has pretty much every game on it running on MAME. Happy to discuss how I did it, the pain, the cost, etc.

After kids go to bed, I’ll sometimes just play classic arcade games at night. That combined with a few live TikToks I’ve gotten lulled into (classic Nokia snake game, people playing those constructed impossible mario levels) made me decide to start streaming myself playing Ms Pac-Man. Mostly late night PT, so tough for most to watch. But I’m playing anyway, and I enjoy it, and a few like to watch it, so why not.


you got Galaga? I have fond memories of playing that at the bowling alley before Saturday morning league. And I also got my own personal high score (>300k) in Vegas a few years ago at a machine that had super-responsive controls.

I do have Galaga. Definitely one of the classics and most fun. I spend more time playing Ms Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Qbert, Burgertime and Dig Dug at the moment, but I hop over there sometimes.

300k is a very high score for an amateur. And much higher than my high score, and I am strong amateur at all of these games. The world record scores on these games are almost unfathomable.

They do have versions of Ms Pac-Man and Galaga that play at higher speeds. In Ms Pac-Man she is sped up, in Galaga, your firing rate is sped up. They can be a lot more fun, but also much, much easier. I think I have scored around 200k on a sped up Galaga.

For those of the right age a mame machine is awesome. Every game imaginable. I built one one a pi a couple years ago but cleared it off my desk for studying.
It’s actually part of Ubuntu now, so a real easy install of you’re running Linux which I am…just haven’t taken the time to get it going again. I should, I have a couple unused controllers I bought for it.


had a picture at one point (Facebook? I don’t use it any more, so I can’t find it). i just got on a roll, way over my usual benchmark of a good game, which is around 100k. I got double blaster and just managed to hold on to it for several stages beyond when i would have normally lost it. I think the buttons were super-responsive (faster depress and sprung back up quicker than usual) which meant the firing rate was accelerated beyond a typical machine.

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Speaking of mame, I’ve been halfway thinking of building another machine.

Except…awhile ago I got accepted to Amazon vine. Members get to order stuff for free, just have to review the product. I’ve got a ton of crap since I got accepted. A garden hose, a couple of watches, etc. and guess what came across my feed today? A mame machine with games already installed and two controllers! Why yes, please send me one no charge!

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Nice. Never heard of Vine. Interesting. Post your review here after!

this was the only video game I ever “beat”. I could play it indefinitely back in the day. Could build up enough spare lives to let someone else take over for a while to let me go to the bathroom, get a snack, etc…

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That’s crazy. I had never really played it until recently. And I got pretty into it a few months ago. And got pretty good. But definitely no where near indefinitely.

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Qbert is hilarious. Always enjoyed playing that.

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Got the machine in. It’s great. Controllers are a bit low class and the controls are non intuitive, but otherwise plug and play for 20000 games!

Plus it’s portable so I’ll take it on vacation and play gauntlet with my son.


“Valkyrie is about to die”

Loved that game

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The “Master Chief Collection” offering the Halo series was recently cheap on Steam. I bought it for nostalgia reasons. Currently doing a replay of the original.

I was feeling the itch to play an old-school(like) RPG and picked up Sea of Stars (Switch). Was definitely fun and not too difficult. Not sure if I’ll pick up another game or wait a while. Definitely want to get around to Baldurs Gate 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2 some day.

I picked up Balatro yesterday which is insanely fun and addictive. The game is based on standard poker hands and there are >100 different jokers that modify the scoring in some way. Additionally, cards can be added, subtracted or modified. Similar to many other games, there are a ton of things to unlock. Have been thinking about it all day and looking forward to playing more after the kids are asleep.

What is the platform? Cost? I like poker. Don’t always love novelty wild card type things, but I’m intrigued.

It’s on PC and almost all gaming consoles. I think it works perfectly on the handheld Switch. It was 10% off $15 in the Switch store when I picked it up earlier this week.

It’s probably more about the novelty than the actual poker. Very different type game than super auto pets but I think there’s a lot of overlap between people who like each.

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Oh yeah, I was addicted to that for a while. Honestly, I’m addicted to so many things and so hard that it didn’t last long. I played one deck through all the difficulty levels, and then played the challenges until they got unreasonable hard, and then was officially bored. Which is a good final state to arrive at.
So many gambling/card/etc. games overstay their welcome in my heart.