Offensive ads on Facebook: how to report

Any idea how I contact Facebook to complain about a white supremacist ad (sponsored) that showed up on my newsfeed? Really offensive, IMO, but I can’t see it now so can’t take a screenshot. It claimed to be from Billy Raw tees. Google seems to say there is such an outfit, but the few images I see on their facebook page do not seem offensive.

I don’t have Facebook, but typically there would be a report link right near the ad.
That’s probably less than no help, since you’ve already looked. So I’m gunna guess that they don’t want your feedback.

There are three little dots in the upper right hand corner of the ad. Click on those and you should get an option to report the ad and it allows you to say why.

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Thanks Serena. It did show up again and I reported it. As to “say why”, not really. I had clicked on the photo to expand the picture and reported that, but only got to choose from menus, no free text options. So for the blown up picture, I chose “hate speech”, which gave me more options and I chose “race or ethnicity”. Certainly adequate to express my categorization, though a way to be even stronger about my revulsion would have been better.

Then I went back to the main news feed and reported the ad. Options were more limited. The only thing at all close, and far too general, was “Offensive”. And when I chose that, end of options. No way to say why I considered it offensive. Assuming they look at the ad, they should be able to figure it out.

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