NY Sues Trump, Family, Trump Org for $250M

I’m watching her announcement, she noted they are also turning over their evidence to the IRS and pursuing NY criminal charges.


So Trump is fighting at least 3 concurrent major legal issues.

mar-a-lago classified raid
$250 NY Fraud suit
GA election interference

There are probably some others like misuse of campaign funds. Are there any other big ones I’m missing or is that basically it? I guess 1/6 could be considered or does that fall under the mat-a-LaGo?

I’d say 1/6 is a separate legal issue from absconding with classified docs and other material, although there may be some overlap.

1/6 itself might be separated into needing to defend on 2 fronts: the congressional hearings and whatever investigation the DOJ might be undertaking regarding 1/6.

I am not sure what the status is of the Manhattan fraud investigations, which I think were separate from the NY AG suit just announced.

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I believe there is a separate active fraud investigation by the Manhattan DA. They convicted one of Trump’s partners of 15 felonies and he is required to testify as part of his plea deal.

I’m not sure how much this fraud charge steps on the toes of that… possibly the Manhattan one is the criminal charges the AG mentioned. This is a civil suit which is much easier to win but doesn’t preclude criminal charges.

(Oops, @YankeeTripper mentioned this and I skimmed over your last sentence.)

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“…conspiracy to falsify false financial statements”

This double negative is throwing me off, but maybe it’s a legitimate sentence I dunno.

Oh here is a recap of the various suits/legal woes Trump is or may be facing

The Classified-Documents Investigation

The Justice Department’s Criminal Investigation of January 6 and the Plot to Overturn the Election

The Georgia Criminal Investigation

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Case Against the Trump Organization, Etc.

The New York Attorney General’s Civil Investigation Into the Trump Organization

The Westchester Criminal Investigation of the Trump Organization

The DC Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation of January 6

The E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit

The Mary Trump Lawsuit

The House of Representatives’ January 6 Lawsuit

The Eric Swalwell Suit

The Capitol Police January 6 lawsuits

The Metropolitan Police January 6 lawsuit

The Michael Cohen lawsuit

The Class Action Lawsuit Against the Trump Biz and the Trumps

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Voting Rights Lawsuit

The Trump Tower Assault Lawsuit

whew, guys a law suit magnet

I didn’t realize Cohen personally sued Trump and thought this was extending to investigations on his business associates/family. The list would be massive. However it’s valid given that some of those people are now taking plea deals to cooperate against D. Trump.

He’s also fighting obesity

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“James said that Trump had falsely claimed that his apartment in Manhattan was more than triple its actual size as part of the alleged fraud.”

This one seems pretty easy to verify.

‘it’s bigger on the inside’



It’s a grower not a shower