Non-RIP Comments, that don't need their own thread

Creating this for those tangentional RIP comments, that aren’t BIH, but are also not deserving of starting a new thread on the person.

Anyway, I wanted to mention Gibert Gottfried burning his AFLAC deal by telling Japanese Tsunami jokes

Yeah, he sure got slapped for that.

Less Public, but even worse of a joke

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Funny stuff for a game show.


Click through to watch the video – it’s epic

It is hilarious watching the reactions from everybody else, like Little Richard, Penn & Teller, Whoopi Goldberg & more…

I don’t think he’s doing anything extreme to trick them, but it is very funny how it keeps going.

more Gilbert video:

with Weird Al

Ivana Trump - dead

wonder if a tell all book in a safe waiting for this moment

Ken Starr - dead.