News that makes you say WTF?!?!

So guy has a Senate career in his future?


Did Tennessee legislators solve all their state’s problems already, and that’s why they have nothing better to do?

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Seems that way. What about cold or refrigerated wine? Is that still allowed?

It’s not unusual to pick up chilled wine/champagne as a hostess gift in my world, particularly in summer or if you know fish is being served.

I guess they’ll just turn the thermostat down. A lot.


The best Vermont beer needs to be always cold. Maybe Tennessee just has crap beer.


After hearing the sound of the acorn, the deputy reported that he also felt a “tingliness” all along the side of his body. He then said his “legs just give out” and he fell to the ground, assuming that he had been seriously injured by something.

Because of this, the video also showed Hernandez complaining about feeling “weird” and shouting to his colleague that he’s been hit. It’s all very dramatic.

This is probably the same phenomenon as cops thinking they’ve been poisoned by fentanyl.

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Isn’t that one of Coors’ things? That it is refrigerated from brewing through until you buy it? I thought they made a big deal of that in their commercials. So this would hypothetically mean that Coors beer could not be sold in the state of Tennessee. Along with the craft brewers that may have similar restrictions.

I think some stores just don’t want to keep paying for all that refrigeration.

Witnesses saw 2 squirrels fleeing the scene, one of them still carrying an acorn.


If the good squirrels carried acorns, this wouldn’t have happened.


I assumed it was some half-witted attempt to cut down on drunk driving. Like if you can’t buy it cold you won’t drink it in the car in the drive home.

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There are no good squirrels.:dog:


or in the park or parking lot next door

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It’s the next wave of the British Invasion, no?

That joke’s funny because the squirrel is dead.


to be clear, i view the spa itself as WTF, not the permit denial

Part of her screening process, she said, includes… ensuring there is no sexual interest in The Diaper Spa’s services.

“So . . . you have no interest whatsoever in engaging in sexual activities?” wink wink nudge nudge

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Say no more!