News that makes me laugh (SFW)

She’s like twice the size of her competitors


“take one for the team”
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finally, a scenario where it actually means taking one for the team!

also reminds me of when I was on the Track & Field (mostly Field) team in high school. I did shot put and discus. We would have a “Fat Man’s Relay” 4 x 400 against the other team’s shot & discus throwers, for bragging rights mostly, but we took it kind of serious. Was fun to get out and do something out of our domain of expertise.


I read about her. It turns out that having an athlete compete gained her team 2 points in the competition, even if she came in last.

I have no idea about the average number of points in a track and field competition, so the marginal impact of those 2 points could be large or small.

Really, 4X400? each fat man had to run 1 full lap?

Ours was a 4X100. We had some amazing “fat men”, almost always won, often by a fairly decent amount.

yep, the whole lap. I think the 4x100 we’d have been disqualified as we wouldn’t have been coordinated enough to make the handoff within the transition zone.

I’m pretty sure half our fat men would have died if we had to run a full lap.

I don’t think we often even had sub 1 minute 4X100 times. (And I’m really old and it was yards rather than meters, so it was really 4X110yrd).

Now that I think about it, I think it was between Football and Track of my Jr. year that they replaced the cinder track with a rubberized track and changed from yards to meters. By that time I had transitioned from Shot Put and Discus to High and Intermediate Hurdles, so I no longer qualified as a “fat man”.

LA graduate student attending Berkeley flies to all his classes to save on rent

  • A Swiss International Airlines plane departed for Bilbao, Spain, without any bags on board.
  • An airline spokesperson said a shortage of ground staff caused the bags to be left in Zurich.
  • Passengers waited at a conveyor belt for two hours before being told their bags weren’t on the plane.
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Now THAT’s fine customer service, right there.

The seeds for the heat wave, Blanchard-Wrigglesworth said, began with unusual winds.

A fun high school senior prank… and the school principal took it in stride too!


That is a school in a nearby town from where I lived.

I thought it was very ingenious (first option was a Mariachi band, but they’re in high demand so their fees was much higher than the students could afford).

I believe that the principal just went to different senior classes to allow all seniors to appreciate the prank.