News articles that are actually book advertisements

I will post these as I find them


These annoy me. They must be soundly and roundly mocked and ridiculed.

they are bad and should feel bad

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Then there are articles that are just lightly-edited press releases for a business. But those examples are beyond numerous.

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Protip: There’s an advertising company that drives a ton of advertising (those rows of square blocks) on the big name media. Advertise for a bit through that agency, then start promoting on your website 'As seen on CNN, FORBES, etc. They weren’t presented in an unbiased article, they just ran ads on the site.

Advertorials are big on the web. Here’s $XXX, write an article on this subject, make sure you drop a link to my site. I’ve been approached by mainstream media for this purpose.

Here’s one

Okay, you know there are these things called book reviews and that magazines and similar periodicals run such things?