New York City Actuary Alleges He Was Passed Over Because He’s Asian and Gay

As I understand it, the person that got the job knew the person he’s replacing . . . and they likely also know some of the “same people” that Chu may not know–or Chu had rubbed the wrong way (socially).

The name of the guy suing the city is Craig Chu, and he’s a fellow.

Looking up sherry chan and based on her work history she is about 45 and was only 38 when she started that job as chief actuary in nyc, so younger than craig chu.

At that level of experience and seniority, Fellow vs Associate wouldn’t even be my tiebreaker. It would all be down to the individual candidate and their suitability to the role. That one guy stopped taking exams 25 years ago is irrelevant compared to the weight of what he did in the intervening 25 years.

It was linked in the piece, but here was the original complaint filed:

within the complaint itself [paragraph numbers 41 - 43 ]

  1. It was repeatedly admitted by City officials that Mr. Chu’s qualifications for the
    job were far superior to those of Mr. Tyszkiewicz (who had no familiarity at all with the City’s
    systems or the Office of the Actuary).
  2. Moreover, Mr. Tyszkiewicz does not hold an “Enrolled Actuary” (“EA”)
    credential recognized by the IRS for certain compliance requirements, a previously stated requirement to be considered for the Chief Actuary position, nor does he hold the credential of
    Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (“FSA”), which supersedes the credential he holds of
    Associate of the Society of Actuaries (“ASA”), and an FSA credential is considered to be a
    stronger qualification. Indeed, colleagues in public service actuarial work have stated that is
    highly questionable and even inappropriate for someone to hold such a high-ranking actuarial
    position without an EA credential.
  3. Numerous subordinates of Mr. Tyszkiewicz hold both these FSA and EA
    credentials, as does Mr. Chu himself. Mr. Chu was the clearly stronger candidate (again, as
    acknowledged to Mr. Chu by multiple people with close knowledge of the selection process),
    including on the basis of his actuarial credentials, experience with a public sector workforce, etc.

I have no idea where the journalist got the “lower apprentice level” explanation originally. The journalist could have made it up themselves after hearing an explanation of the credentialing system.

So EA is relevant which was my point that people disagreed with.

Sherry Chan, the predecessor was in that role since 2015 according to her LinkedIn though, but didn’t become an EA until 2017. Also didn’t become an fsa until 2016. So when she got the role she was also just an ASA. She was probably very close to FSA though, whereas her replacement is likely a career ASA. He got ASA prior to 2015 when the credits needed were far different.

The complaint also says that the guy who was given the job hadn’t managed anyone in 10 years. It also says that it was flat out told to him that he didn’t get the position due to his being gay and asian.

The prior person, sherry chan was also the only person to apply to that position when she got it, so it doesn’t prove they dont discriminate on race. It was also admitted to him that he was too similar to sherry chan and that was a factor against him, but he is nothing like her outside of race.

Chu also has 5 years of experience with the nyc department, while the guy who was given the position has none

This is starting to sound like it has merit


I think this is most likely the correct explanation.

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I believe him

Yeah seems pretty apparent he was discriminated against upon reading the complaint

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I wonder if the AAA will get on this. We didn’t get our bias credits for nothing!

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I’m not sure the trustees who were in charge of hiring are actuaries for the AAA to have a place here. Guessing they aren’t.

although, i need to hear the other side prior to deciding that they are guilty of discrimination here. this is just his side crafted by a lawyer.

Asians rarely stand up for themselves, so if this is legit then good for him

that sounds like a stereotype to me. my upstairs neighbor is asian and she has been a raging bitch towards me and we both call management on each other. she probably did it first.

i tend to believe this guy as why would you want to sue your employer in the first place as an actuary? the profession is tiny. i have no reason to disbelieve him. I just want to hear the other side.

I highly doubt ANY actuary working in the public sector that has any credibility or a remote understanding of the work made this statement. This is pure BS made up by the attorney.

I don’t think years of experience or credentials are definitive at all. It’s easy to work for years without getting gud. It’s also easy to forget everything you learned from a Fellowship exam. Past the first 10 years, imo, actuaries are better defined by other attributes, such as the daring to look at the other guy’s shoes.

Some of this strikes a nerve. I don’t doubt the allegations, but I have made recommendations to hire people who were objectively less qualified because what they brought to the team was more needed than their direct experience or credentials. I resent the implication that a person is owed a job because they had better qualifications.

I hope he wins, because discrimination is wrong and I don’t doubt it played a role here, but I really don’t agree with many of the statements made in the filing.

I assume the complaint was drawn up by his lawyer, whose job it is to make the strongest case possible.


Then I would argue that they weren’t “objectively less qualified” as there is more to consider than experience and credentials.

It will be interesting to see the arguments against hiring the guy / in favor of the other candidate.

True, but many of those considerations will be subjective.