New fad: crying on LinkedIn

I mean sure, go ahead and cry but there’s something weird about posting it on your newsfeed. But I can’t quite describe it…

I liked the fact that a CEO cried about laying off his employees

Like showing a video of yourself crying or just putting a :cry: out there or what?

Both, but even before the CEO thing which would be the first Google result, it was an increasing thing of posting “look how vulnerable I am! (cry)”!

Hopefully the CEO doesn’t just cry, but also makes an effort to help these employees find a new job. Some companies out there have a rule that current employees can’t provide references for former employees outside of the dates worked and job title.

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I don’t get that (crying on LinkedIn) but I haven’t watched the video.

I mean, I love Brené Brown and the whole thing about letting your vulnerability show. But showing it to people you are close with at work is one thing. Crying on LinkedIn just feels like you’re MAKING a show.

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Brene also talks about using vulnerability to overshare and manipulate people into trusting you (I’m paraphrasing - that’s how I interpreted it). That’s not really vulnerability, it’s a shield from actual vulnerability. Just like perfectionism isn’t really a drive to be great, it’s armor to protect yourself from having to ever show vulnerability at all.