New Citizenship Test

Yes, let’s make it harder and more confusing, have the answer key be not fully correct, and maybe add questions found only in the footnotes:

He must have some actuarial exam writers working on this!

In all seriousness, hopefully the issues will be fixed by the next administration.

Put it on the list…

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Would election results meaningfully change if we gave a test like this for people to earn the right to vote?

It is the Way

Good article. But, it doesn’t provide a link to the test.
This is it:

Actuaries who hang out in “political” forums are among Americans most likely to read the questions and answers for entertainment.

I picked up on the “10th amendment but not 5th?” and on Federalist Papers when I read it a couple days ago.

Some people think that passing the citizenship test should be a HS graduation requirement. I agree with them. It seems “only fair”, and students learn something about immigration law. The class time spent on it should be small since it covers things kids should have learned anyway. I also think it’s fine for teachers to say “Here’s the test. Here’s some stuff on the controversy about what should have been on the test that isn’t there.”


My kids had to take a civics test to get their HS diplomas. They start giving them in freshman year I believe, so they have 4 chances? I don’t know all the specifics, the online grade system just shows that they passed (although I think it’s a relatively new requirement, because I don’t remember that section for my two oldest, but my two younger had it).

Three year countdown until I have to take this test myself.

If my green card application was any indication of the test, I’m screwed. I couldn’t even figure out which hair color to select…

There’s not one for rainbow. The box shouldn’t say check one if they’re not going to give that option. Also, there’s lots of people with both gray and a natural hair color.

Maybe they could check all of blue, green, orange, red, and purple.

And, what happened to yellow?

But it says check one. Don’t want to get application rejected for not following directions.

Should be stated “natural hair color” not “current hair color, which might change day-to-day.”

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BUT WHY did purple get it’s own category, yet blond has to be grouped with strawberry???

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If I was honest, I would have had to check blond, brown, purple, pink, and blue.

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It’s a bullshit question, like asking for the correct ignition timing on a 1955 Bellaire Chevrolet with a 327 cubic engine and a 4-barrel carburetor.

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Weird… I have a quora?

This was on tv last night, right at this scene. I haven’t seen it in years, but I heard it got a big bump recently due to Rudy.