Need to interview an actuary with work experience for my University project

I’m a college student starting my second year at the university and I have to interview at least one experienced actuary for my research project. Any volunteers respond to this post, so we can contact each other and do the interview (it will not take long I promise) via Zoom or whatever is most convenient.

Moved this thread to a more appropriate location where you’re likely to get more eyes of the type you’re looking for.

Is there a particular type of actuary you’re interested in interviewing?
P&C lines?
Life/Health lines?

Also, are you looking for someone with Fellowship credentials (FSA/FCAS)? Or anyone who has experience working in one of the lines mentioned above?

Thank you very much.
Any type of actuary is fine (maybe pensions is preferable but any type is fine)
So yes, credentials and type of actuary are not so important, I care more about experience working.

Feel free to DM me your contact info. I’d be happy to set up a time to discuss P&C work.

Also, what is the time frame you need to complete your assignment? I’m sure that some from other areas might be willing to help ou.


Thank you very much. I’ll DM soon to set everything for the interview, and I have until Tuesday to do the interview.

To help you out, Friday (5/20) afternoon is likely the best time for me.

Do you have a time machine?

Why, yes. Yes I do have such a thing.

However, it’s in the shop; so I guess I’ll have to try and do it tomorrow (5/20), instead of 5/10/2024.

I’m a hobby heath actuary (FSA, MAAA for 25+ years). My REAL gigs are triathlete, woodworker, gardener, home brewer, single dude and dad of two adult daughters. PM me if you’re interested.

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Must. Not. Post. Inappropriate. Thoughts. Out. Loud.

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Good thread juxtapose to “Getting my daughter(s) laid and married”. Oh man - I do not like to think/say that…EEEEK!

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