Need some German help

I’m enamored by Welch ein Jubelton, H. 148 by Franz Xaver Gruber…

…but I can’t for the life of me find the (German) lyrics for it.

Even comes up empty.

So, maybe you have some sources that might have the lyrics somewhere. I’d try but it’s all greek to me.


“I know a little German…”

Is there a specific song on their you’re looking for the lyrics for or all of them?

Oh, I see. You just want it for the one song you linked to.

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Welch ein Jubelton! Christus ist geboren! Er, der Jungfrau Sohn ist da

That’s the first line. I’m not finding the full lyrics anywhere…

I found it! You just have to be able to read old german font, which I really struggle with.

Here’s what I could copy/paste off Google:

Welch ein Jubelton : Christus ist geboren ; Er , der Jungfraun Sohn , ist da ! Er , den Gott zum Heil dieser Welt erfohren Freut Euch Menschen ! Er ist da ! 3a , entzückend eil ich zu deiner Krippe , Bete , füßes Kind , dich an : Dwie

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Arte Johnson?

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Not THAT far back.

But definitely NOT Mel Tormé.

Ok, I listend and what I linked only matches the first verse I think.

Welch ein Jubelton!
hristus ist geboren, Christus ist geboren
Er , der Jungfraun Sohn , ist da !
Er , den Gott zum Heil dieser Welt erfohren, den Gott zum Heil dieser Welt erfohren
Freut Euch Menschen ! Er ist da !

The last verse in your video matches the last verse of my screenshot actually. I’m not sure about the middle verses. Weird that you can’t just find the lyrics for this specific version online.

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Another poster has a friend who gave me this lead, , but the site is blocked from work, so I’ll check it out later.

He’s sitting over there?

That’s a link to a book that costs 25 euro. It does say it contains the song you want, and looks like it would have the words.

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fyi, from my more-German-speaking cousin:

So, there you go.

What I was really, really hoping for is to get the complete score (keyboard + voices), and I was really surprised to not be able to find it anywhere. In the end, it’s not a big deal. I’d probably never do anything with it other than play through it myself. I have a soprano in my life who could possibly sing one part, though, I’m not sure her German is up to snuff. I’d have to find an alto somewhere. And then, I’d have to get us all in the same room at some point, too.

fyi², from my more-German-speaking cousin, referring to BruteForce’s picture above :

So the link above describes the book as two voices and organ score. The YouTube sounds like two voices only (plus organ). Are you expecting something different?

Just something for free, me being a cheap actuary and all.

Ooh…it looks like they don’t ship to the US…lucky me, I know someone in Finland…Oh, wait…I guess that’s what “Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika” is. Interestingly, they spell “Finland” as “Finnland”.

Ouch 52€ to get it to me…that’s almost $59.

Only 33,60 € to get it to Finland. I’ll try that route.

I see.