Navigation and categories

So… trying to navigate around, I am confused. There seems to be a political section, within a sandbox. But if I look at the top level of categories, sometimes I see the sandbox and sometimes I don’t.

Am I just blind?

In particular, if I click the “GoActuary” icon to get to what feels like “the top”, there are four options: all categories, top, recent, and categories. I’m not sure what the difference s between the first and the last one, except that “the sandbox” shows up in the first, but not the last.

On another discourse board I sometimes post on, right underneath the board logo, it says what category you are in. And if you click that word, it takes you back to that category. I think that mitigates the navigational issues this software has. So… can you figure out how to do that here?

(I might be able to find out and bring the info back… not sure. But one of the posters there is one of the authors of Discourse, and has been answering lots of other questions.)

Hey Lucy,
Layout is something we’re going to look at. It’s not what we want right now for sure. Category navigation in particular IMO is lacking.

Let me know if you want me to help research, or if you have that under control.

Input is welcome.

The current layout is more discord-like and that’s out of the box deliberate. I think we need to go more towards the old vbulletin layout. I think people don’t want to see posts from the whole site, but instead just targetted sections.

So I think I need to figure out how to produce a nav bar that shows all the categories and sub categories. That would make navigating into the specific section more manageable.

Then the question is the main page. The discourse way is all the recent posts from the whole forum. The old vbulletin way is to show the categories (not posts) as the main page. While I know that the old way is more comfortable, I’m unsure which way is actually better.

You can always get to “new posts” from the hamburger menu. Is like an easy way to see all the categories.

OK…try this?

  • click your icon, top rh of the page.
  • click the gear icon.
  • click preferences
  • click interface
  • Change 'Default Home Page to ‘Categories’. Save changes.

I like this a lot.

That is a little better.
But, I don’t need all that “latest” crap on the right. How do I get rid of that?

Not sure yet. Processing…

I like the new look.

Fixed, or at least now 'set to the personal preferences of Dr T NF :).
The homepage will now default to only showing categories.

Anyone can override this by going to their icon (top right hand corner) ->Settings -> preferences -> Interface (left side menu) -> Default Home Page dropdown.

Vast Improvement!

\ax{\angln i}

Yeah, so latex works, but not actuarial symbols. Investigating.

I prefer the “Latest” to the “Categories”, but that’s fine - personalization is easy enough.

Is there a way to tell it to just not bother putting posts from certain categories into the “Latest” though? There are some of the exams that I’m just not interested in seeing anything about, for example. I think I’ve figured out how to ignore individual threads, but can’t see a way to do it with categories.

-click on the category

  • click on the bell, top right
  • click on mute

Also right now for the main categories it lists the three most recent posts. Do folks want that? Or should it be set to 0? Serena has the ability to modify this.


Since I know what is best…

Need to affix the categories, instead of their floating based on most recent post.

Also, is there an ignore feature? Asking for a friend.

Yes, there’s an ignore feature. You can mute another poster, or a thread, or a category. It works pretty well.