Myanmar coup d'etat

Aung San Suu Kyi deposed

Good thing we never have those attempted coup thingies in the USA


An NPR segment about this today drew a parallel between the messaging of the Myanmar military and Trump about their respective election losses. E.g. complaining about election fraud. They probably didn’t need any messaging help from the USA to stage their coup, but it sure doesn’t feel good as a US citizen to know that military dictatorships can now legitimately use our former president’s playbook to help destroy democracy.


I never really understood the reason for lying about the justification. If you want to grab power because you’re strong you might as well just do it and tell the people that might makes right.

You need at least doubt in the minds of the people for them to not revolt. The less convincing the argument the more likely you end up with a general strike.

Just look at the USA. Its how Trump was able to keep such a large percentage of the population behind him. The lies are very important.