My tattoo - 'cause I am thetermguy

Pic of my tattoo:

For you P&C folks, that’s the present value of term life insurance for n years for a life currently aged x, payable upon death.

I’ll be graduating in 2020 from university of waterloo, and have been fortunate to have that opportunity. Got the tat as a reminder of how much I’ve enjoyed my time getting my degree, as well as how dedicated I am to the life insurance industry.

Am I the only one for whom this came to mind??? :rofl:

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Do you need to wear long sleeves while taking exams now?



F’real tho TTG - cool tat! :+1:

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Has the standard terminology changed? I’d learned the mu term as mu-x(t), rather than mu-x+t. The “x+t” version implies force of mortality is attained age based, rather than select-and-ultimate, so more of a specialized case.

NOT trying to start a “you misspelled your tat” tangent. Your books are a lot more recent than mine.
I’m old, so I also prefer the curtate version of the formulas, because Excel supports curtate and I haven’t integrated anything since I passed my last numeric exam :slight_smile:


I think it must’ve changed. I saw a couple of formats when I was looking for the version I wanted.

What I have is from the current Hardy text, page 88.

I hope it’s right. I didn’t do particularly well in the course so who knows.

The only thing I remember about life con anymore is that I’m now on the right hand side of the mortality curve.

Would you like a quote on some term insurance?

<! looks at forearm. makes some mortality assumptions.–> yeah, I can do it for $8/thousand.

Think of the fun I’m going to have at parties.

TTG ends up getting a job in P&C.

**I didn’t do particularly well in the course **

sounds like a perfectly good reason to permanently enshrine it on your arm, eh?!?!

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Good point lol.
I actually knew the material well. I just don’t perform well on complex high paced exams. yeah, wrong business, I know.


There is now a new (available 2020) edition of the Hardy text. Whether that equation will have changed, who knows. Good thing the tattoo doesn’t cite the page number, which would be more likely to change between editions.

i like it

This is actually a good point…