My simple solution to the housing shortage

Just raise prices until you equilibriate quantity supplied and demanded and then there won’t be a shortage anymore.

But it generally has? Population has grown a lot faster than growth in housing so there are more homeless and it’s more expensive for the non-homeless.

My solution to solving food shortages is to also raise prices so that fewer people desire to buy food

Food often tends to be a distribution issue most of all. People want food but no food to be had.

There will be demand for housing in the sense that people need somewhere to live, regardless of price.

Even in the context of your “solution”, who is supposed to raise prices and eliminate the shortage. In some sense the law of supply and demand will lead to higher prices.

Are there enough houses in American right now to house every single person?

I’m guessing yes.

The problem is the number of empty houses are owned by a few.

This will also be the problem with automation and mass unemployment.

Tell that to the 10 million people living in a VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!


They are also in places where people don’t want to live.

let them eat cake