My simple solution to housing more migrants

So I heard several hundred thousand migrants are being bused to big cities who say they are running out of space so they are resorting to building tent cities in parks to provide shelter.

My idea is to reserve a few skyscrapers in the CBD of these cities and just have the companies declare WFH to create space for the winter so these pplz don’t freeze to death. I mean people were complaining about offices being empty so with all these migrants moving in, they won’t be anymore.


I was expecting a “keep them moving, they are migrants, the solution is in the name” answer. You gotta try harder.


It does happen, but there are some issues with converting offices to apartments, such as zoning restrictions, only two bathrooms and one kitchen per floor, no balconies, etc.

Residential real estate is usually required to have passive ventilation and access to natural light. Many offices don’t have that. Residential space also needs more bathing and cooking facilities than offices generally provide. (And less elevator thru-put. People move around more in offices.)

It seems like an obvious thing to do, but doing it right is expensive.