My friends are becoming as dumb as their parents

I don’t get it. My friends are like, “yeah dude I don’t let my kids on social media that shit is poison.”

And I’m like yo are you dumb or what. When they were a kid they snuck around and did all sorts of forbidden shit behind their parents’ back. And their kids are gonna be no different.

I’m not gonna be that dumb. Nope, not me.

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Social media shit is poison. So, what should parents do about it, so that their kids are not lured into a world of instant gratification (and scorn)?
Parent them better, IMO.


While generally true, you seem to overlook the aspect that they’re going to still find ways to “go behind their parent’s back.”

If you make what you did (which itself could be harmful) behind your parent’s back permissive; what other potentially harmful acts are your kids going to try behind your back?

Also, are you opposed to letting your kids learn from your mistakes?

You can limit their exposure to social media when they are young (primary school).

I would 100% absolutely do this. Social media can have terrible effects on young children.

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Knowing that the cocaine probably passed through some guy’s poop was enough for me to not want to try it.

So uh, you can’t police what they do when they’re actually at school right. Because the first thing kids learned to do after getting access to the Internet was to bypass the school firewall and that was in elementary school lol.

Actually I’ve never seen cocaine, only in the movies.

Sure you can.

No phone at all till secondary school.

Thats all. Easy peasy.

So why bother parenting at all or setting any boundaries? Is that your solution?

I played all the games and watched all the shows I couldn’t see when I was over at my friends’. Didn’t you? Or did you not like have friends.

And uh, the school has computers, the kids can just go on the computers and do their social media-ing there.

Social media a half-hour at a time a few days a week is much less harmful than having it in your pocket all day, so probably not a big deal.

I wondered this myself because some of the most well-adjusted people I know didn’t have strict parents. Going all 1984 on them seems to be somewhat abusive in my opinion.

Limiting social media use is hardly 1984-like.

Very strange analogy.

I HIGHLY advise you to read the research done on social media use and smaller children.

all y’all are dumb

why any of you think you are wise… not sure

[this has nothing to do w/ any child social media use policies, fwiw]

[my kids are: one very autistic and not on social media + two adults and responsible for themselves]

And, read 1984.

I’m too dumb to understand your point. Please type slow, so i can follow.

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I didn’t type that

I got it transcribed

Also, viewing is very different from participating, though both are culpable.
Not unlike a strip club’s employees and patrons.

I use discord to yell at my kids

seems a fitting use of the technology

[ha ha no. I use signal, so Stu can see it. He never figured out discord.]

D mainly uses my ipod to watch youtube videos of alphabets, counting, and spirals. Let’s check my youtube history!

whoooooa. Nice.