Musk buys Twitter

He actually shut down one of the 3 data centers? Oh boy.

Gonna make a prediction here that Twitter crashes tomorrow at 10 am eastern time (aka midnight in Japan).

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I wonder if he’s following the DWS model of rebooting the AO.


I sometimes find twitter reps for companies and government services to be more responsive than making a phone call.

Someone had a car accident in the neighborhood Christmas eve or Christmas day. I saw a wrecked car in the street on Christmas, undrivable with airbags deployed. There was a police sticker on the window indicating they had to move it soon (7 days?) or it would be towed. It was still there today.

I tweeted the proper city services with the info and a picture, and that car was towed within a couple of hours.

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Musk has a novel defence in his Tesla class action suit:

Huh, I guess since Twitter runs on the cloud, “rich man yells at cloud” would actually be a factual statement…


AKA the Fox News defense.


“just because I tweet something does not mean people believe it or will act accordingly.”

I think it should read, "just because I tweet something does not mean people SHOULD believe it or will act accordingly.”

But, that’s just my opinion. I mean, it’s Twitter. None if it should be believed as a sole source of factual information.

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just because i yell “fire” in a crowded theater doesn’t mean people will believe it or act accordingly

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