Musk buys Twitter

He actually shut down one of the 3 data centers? Oh boy.

Gonna make a prediction here that Twitter crashes tomorrow at 10 am eastern time (aka midnight in Japan).

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I wonder if he’s following the DWS model of rebooting the AO.


I sometimes find twitter reps for companies and government services to be more responsive than making a phone call.

Someone had a car accident in the neighborhood Christmas eve or Christmas day. I saw a wrecked car in the street on Christmas, undrivable with airbags deployed. There was a police sticker on the window indicating they had to move it soon (7 days?) or it would be towed. It was still there today.

I tweeted the proper city services with the info and a picture, and that car was towed within a couple of hours.

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Musk has a novel defence in his Tesla class action suit:

Huh, I guess since Twitter runs on the cloud, “rich man yells at cloud” would actually be a factual statement…


AKA the Fox News defense.


“just because I tweet something does not mean people believe it or will act accordingly.”

I think it should read, "just because I tweet something does not mean people SHOULD believe it or will act accordingly.”

But, that’s just my opinion. I mean, it’s Twitter. None if it should be believed as a sole source of factual information.

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just because i yell “fire” in a crowded theater doesn’t mean people will believe it or act accordingly

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I recall Trump saying something very similar-- lying on twitter doesn’t count-- in an interview.

Only that was years ago, and he’s lied so many times and so horribly since then it’s hard to find.

Chatbot GPT can’t even sift through all of the lies to find that one. Here’s what it gave me when I asked it if Don said lying on twitter doesn’t count:

I’m not sure if Donald Trump made a statement specifically saying that lying on Twitter doesn’t matter, but he has been known to make false or misleading statements on Twitter during his presidency and prior to that.

During his time in office, Trump often used Twitter as a means of communicating with the public and sharing his thoughts and opinions. He was frequently criticized for spreading false information or conspiracy theories on the platform. Additionally, he has been accused of using Twitter to attack his political opponents or spread misinformation in order to discredit them.

It’s important to note that spreading false information, whether on Twitter or any other platform, can have serious consequences, including damaging the credibility of the individual or organization sharing the false information and potentially causing harm to others.

I honestly can’t tell anymore, was that a Musk tweet?

No, just folks mocking the new policy that only those that pay a steep monthly fee deserve 2 factor identification. It was always a feature available if you wanted, but if you don’t pay now you need to disable it or get locked out.

Elon being Elon. Fires someone whose company Twitter acquired and who seems to have significant golden handcuffs.

Blames others. Blames the platform he spent $44B acquiring. Reminds me of ‘I don’t take any responsibility at all.’

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I was following this back and forth. It was a train wreck. The fired guy has a disability. Elmo accused him of faking a disability and doing no work.

Fired guy also started tweeting at Elmo because his access was cut off and no one in HR or elsewhere would tell him the status of his employment.

Elmo was nasty towards this guy. I suppose after HR and the lawyers got all the details, they instructed him to grovel and make amends.


It gets worse.

The individual in question is a much loved designer in Iceland. A really humble hard-working guy that happens to be disabled (muscular dystrophy).

Musk really stepped in it this time.


It’s grossly unprofessional to fire someone without bothering to tell them, and then refuse to confirm it. Not that it’s surprising that Twitter is acting grossly unprofessionally. But just that is pretty awful, completely ignoring the whole disability issue.


Iceland does not seem to be at the top of the list of countries where I think influence is all that meaningful.

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You are forgetting that Iceland is part of Schengen, and within the orbit of the EU via EFTA

EU is already on Musk’s case regarding Twitter.

You can fully expect their attitude to harden after this latest Musk blunder.