More People Smoke Weed Than Tobacco In US

For the first time ever in US history more people smoke marijuana than tobacco now. Interesting how this has changed so much over my lifetime.

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Vaping might have a lot to do with this

but vaping nicotine exploded in popularity too, so this is indeed surprising.
I assume we’re talking about drug consumption, not specifically joints vs cigarettes.

Can’t really find it specified in the article.

All I know is that whenever I leave my state, there is a shit-ton of tobacco smokers. CA probably tips this whole USA scale.

Agree it’s striking. Especially when you think of other trends – alcohol about the same, opiates getting worse, covid drugs becoming hyper-political.

Here’s the source upstream from NPR:

Here’s the most recent reference to vaping I found on Gallup’s website:

…which suggests that they do draw a distinction between “smoking cigarettes” and “vaping”. A year ago, they indicated 16% of the population was smoking cigarettes, and 6% was vaping. It’s not immediately obvious how many respondents fell into both categories.

If the 6% vaping statistic still held, it’s entirely possible that the population of “tobacco users” might still be a little larger than the population of “cannabis users” in the US.

Then you have to include gummies for marijuana, and chew for tobacco. This is getting too complicated to bother with.

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People are discovering the positive effects of marijuana. It calms your mind and brings you to a peaceful state without clouding your judgment the same way alcohol does. At least when I smoke, I don’t lose my mind or become aggressive like alcohol tends to affect people. With tobacco, there aren’t a lot of positive effects, so that’s probably why people aren’t interested in it anymore. I only recently started using weed vapes, because I’m tired to the smell from smoking joints. I found this website Weed Vapes & Dry Herb Vaporizers For Sale that sells different types of weed vapes, depending on what your personal preference is.

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I disagree with it not clouding your judgment

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Pot use is at an all time high

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