Monkey Pox vaccine

Not sure if there’s a thread on this, but since this affects mostly only LGBT folks so far (aka everyone I know since I have no straight friends), I’ll give an observation.

Most of my friends (real or on social media) have gotten or are getting vaccinated. The vaccines in the US run out extremely fast.
I know a lot of gays are now scheduling monkey pox vaccine parties to Canada, because they seem to have ample supply and give it to anyone who wants it for free.

Just another US vs Canada rant.

Just giving y’all a heads up once this hits the straights like HIV.

To be clear, it’s not only impacting LGBTQ people — something like 10-20% of cases are straight people, and it can spread in many ways, it’s not just an STD.

One of the advantages of a public vs. a primate health system.


Yeah I was being facetious.
But as with HIV, a lot of conservatives are of course saying this is yet another reason against LGBT

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No 'Q"?

Also, it is predominantly affecting the ‘G’ component.

From July 22:

WHO said that “it might also be of interest to note” that so far in the outbreak, there have been no cases reported in other parts of the LGBTQI+ community, “including, for example among the lesbian community.”

Seemed weird to just say GBT.
But yes, it’s mostly G and B.

Both of which, of course, sometimes masquerade as S, so no one really is safe.

They should just rename the community “curved” (as a counterpoint to ‘straight’). This way, when another orientation is discovered, we won’t just add a letter to LGBTQIAA.

not all of those are orientations

Got my first monkey pox shot last week. Reaction is taking a while to subside, but it’s mostly localized to the injection site, swelling and redness, not the full body trauma like Moderna Covid vaccine.

Didn’t really intend to schedule for one originally, but my doctor (LGBT doc) said they have it and asked if I wanted one when I was doing my annual physical, so I said sure.

They’re also setting up free vaccine booths at random places around the city, so that’s nice.

Second dose (yes it’s a two-dose vaccine) seems to be less available as they’re prioritizing first doses for now only. But having a longer lag between the 1st and 2nd dose doesn’t seem to affect the efficacy.

No hanky-panky on the party bus. Wasn’t that what got this going in the first place?


The vaccine is in short supply globally, and the US actually has decent access, compared to other countries. I’m a little anxious about it, because it’s transmitted by any skin-to-skin contact (not just sex) and some of my hobbies (dance) involve holding hands with a lot of gay men, some of whom are promiscuous. I wrote to my doctor to point out that I’m at higher risk than my demographics would suggest, but I’m not currently eligible for the vaccine.

And when (if?) it does break out more widely into the community, i expect it’s going to be kids in daycare, and their parents, who are most at risk.

But if they decide to break out the more dangerous but plentiful ACAM2000 vaccine, I’ll be lining up for it.

(The ACAM2000 vaccine is a live vaccine, so it can’t be given to people with HIV or other immune disorders, nor to people with eczema. And there’s a risk that a recently vaccinated person could give it to a close contact. But we have a strategic stockpile of hundreds of millions of doses, in case of a smallpox bioweapon attack. And i think I’d be a good candidate for it, since i don’t live with anyone with immune issues. But it’s a lot nastier than the vaccine currently being used.)

Monkeypox is also transmitted by fomites, as is smallpox. (They are related.) I have a friend who caught smallpox many years ago, on the subway.

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As far as your personal risk goes, i would expect you to have had a smallpox vax. Doesn’t that provide adequate protection? If that is too personal, you can answer in the generic case about persons who have had a smallpox vax.

Oddly enough, I had the opportunity to speak to an infectious disease researcher who studies just that. We vacationed together recently, and we were chatting about it. She told me that immunity to smallpox, from the vax I got >50 years ago, should still be pretty good. But the very old vax provides little immunity to monkeypox. I’d need to have had a somewhat recent smallpox vax to be immune to monkeypox.

I was pretty disappointed to hear that, I have to admit.

Hmm, I was thinking that the stockpiled (more dangerous) vaccine was very similar to that given 50 years ago and prior vaccination would have similar efficacy against monkeypox as the stockpiled vaccine, (giving decent protection to the older folks in the at risk population) but it sounds as if that isn’t the case. Disappointing for sure.

Yeah. It IS very similar to the vaccine that was used 50 years ago, but apparently it is more effective against smallpox than against monkeypox, and immunity fades over time.

Make Canada fabulous again.