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I had a life underwriter tell me once that trips to europe plus trespassing charges are a decline.

Thats because people go to europe to base jump, and the charge for that is trespassing.

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Do you have to be alive to incur the trespassing fine or do they just charge it to your estate?

My go-to for solving the pensions/old age entitlements problem was to convince the “young” seniors to take up BASE jumping

except I did a search on my 2014-2020 archives (things got hairy for 2020-2023… hmmm wonder why) and it uniquely came up twice:

Sept 2014:

We’ll know that Zeke has been trying to help his brother if the followup on this piece is why 70-year-olds should take up BASE jumping or to buy a motorcycle to tool around Chicago.

Sept 2019

Get used to less.

Or take up BASE jumping. And get used to a shorter, but more exciting, lifetime.

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