Mocking poor grammar, spelling, and word misuse for our own amusement

Thanks! Would have been niggardly of you not to do so.

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I may be an actuary, and I may be cheap, but when it comes to thread titles, I’m downright munificent

From a PredicIt email where they hype their markets to get you interested in trading so they can collect more trading fees…

Who’s race is this to win?


Instagram video had a secret hack for picking seats on a airplane and the voice over also had “a airplane”.

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From the nextdoor…

Sometimes courage needs a lubricant.

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Every year at Christmas my family picks a phone-game to play over the course of the next year and then whomever does the best “wins”.

This year, the game is “Zen Match”.

When ever the game loads it displays an “inspirational” message.

This was one I saw today:

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He’s very good in the rain.


The correct word didn’t fit.

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got it write in the article

yes I did that on porpoise


More like “click bait” used in the wrong medium, IMO.

The article-writer and head-line-writer are two different people.

If they used an editor for the head-line, that person could be referred to as the head-line-righter.

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On “Love After Lockup” there was a marriage scene and the officicant said “by the power invested in my by the state of Ohio…”

Nothing pairs more well?

the guy who wrote it was probably drunk

I sent an email inquiry to a company. The person it was sent to was on “vacation” and not checking in.

After a week or two I get an email with this subject: “Hopefully we aren’t to late”

Tpyos happen, but it grates on me just seeing that.