Mocking poor grammar, spelling, and word misuse for our own amusement

The US Department of the Interior (DOI) today announced an offshore wind Final Sale Notice and auction for 275,000+ acres off the coasts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

Shouldn’t that be the Department of the Exterior?


It is still part of our country.

I believe the CIA is the Department of the Exterior.

I think the better part of that is that the US is selling 275,000+ acres of wind.

I wonder how much sunshine they have sold.

The closest what? Closet?


Oh, I think that’s how they spelled it in the 18th century

But they didn’t have closets in the 18th century. Armoires . . . wardrobes . . . hooks . . . yes.

If it’s something that’s clean enough to be worn again, my MO is to hang it inside out in the closet. That signals to me that it’s been worn already but didn’t get too dirty.

Then if I shower at 4:30 PM and need something to wear for the rest of the day, I look for the inside-out options.

Granted, my implementation is not perfect, but it helps.

Also if I am packing up my suitcase at the end of a trip and I need to fold dirty clothes to fit them in, I fold them inside out, which in that case is a signal to me that the clothes are dirty and need to be washed when I get home. Whereas if something is folded right side out then I never wore it and can put it away when I get home.

I don’t have an intermediate signal while traveling. :woman_shrugging:

Um, laundry bag for dirties?
Goes in first, and the rest of the “clean clothes” are folded and packed afterward.

Eh, you still have to fold them to get everything to fit if you packed a lot. Unless you leave with less stuff than you arrived with. Which if I’m bringing hostess gifts might indeed be the case, but I also tend to buy stuff when I travel: a souvenir, something I forgot to pack, went shopping while traveling… more often than not I’m coming home with more stuff than I left with and space is REALLY at a premium.

If I have stinky workout clothes then I’ll fold those and put them in a laundry bag. But regular clothes that aren’t especially stinky but which definitely do need to be washed… nah.

There’s only so much room in a laundry bag also.

If I have a mix of clean and dirty and don’t have a compartment to separate them, I fold my dirty clothes and put them inside a dirty t-shirt.

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I use a similar approach with my dirty laundry bag when traveling. It’s a stuff sack, and dirty underwear and socks go in there. If something else got particularly sweaty or dirty, it goes in too. Clothes that were worn but not unusually dirty just get packed.

Um, there’s this little thing called “Two laundry bags.”

Eh, not needed… my way works. And there’s less to pack.

More to pack and fold on the way home. I don’t do any of that to dirties. They are put into the bag, which is already in the suitcase. But, you do you, wasting time on vacation.

Well if you have a full suitcase then you have to if you want everything to fit. Folded clothes occupy less space than unfolded clothes.

If I’m not so tight on space that folding the dirty ones is essential then I absolutely do not bother. The balled up ones are dirty and the folded ones are clean. That’s easy.

Dirty clothes can be squeezed into a suitcase without worry of being wrinkled. Heck, you can put them in vacuumable bags, if there is a vacuum handy.
(Also, don’t pack so much. Layering. It is the way.)

I’m a woman. I have to have options for every possible contingency.


Understood. I love my wife.

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I’ve taken to rolling my clothes (on my SO’s advice) for travel. It may only work for some materials but it does allow me to wedge an extra garment in at the last moment.