Millonaires/Billionaires being relatable

I saw a keurig in Kourtney Kardashian’s kitchen

One of the servants prolly operates it.

yeah, but the point is she uses a keurig, not a $2000 coffee machine like some plebs do

You just did not see that machine in the real kitchen’s coffee bar.

She was probably in the guest house, or alternate kitchen.

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Did you see this on a TV show starting KK?
If so, she’s getting $$$ from product placement.

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And it’s clearly marketing money well spent!


Did you see her using it? Perhaps it’s just a prop to get you to like her more.

I doubt it’s product placement. I mean it was just sitting in the background, and they didn’t show the logo. But it’s clearly a keurig, but you’d have to already know what a keurig looks like to know.

And then word of mouth takes it from there. Might not have been as expensive a product placement then.

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