Major Strikes have now made it to the US

Was just a matter of time really due to the huge rise in the cost of living in the US, and the massive reported profits of the various companies in the Auto and Air Travel sectors.

UAW with the Big 3 (Ford, GM, Stellantis)

American, United, Alaskan with their flight attendants

Is Stellantis the current short-straw-holder of the Chrysler brands?

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Why would anyone buy an American car


Ford F-150 is by far the most popular pickup.

Its a solid, dependable car.

You need to get out more CS.

Oh, like I need one of those uh, for some reason. I guess it can fit 4 actuaries in the back?

But really, why would you get an F150 when you can get a Hilux instead.


You’re a city slicker so you wouldn’t use the cargo space for much.

But if you do take outdoor trips (camping), it comes in very handy.

I will say though that the Hilux is a fairly ugly-looking car.

I really like my Tesla thus far.

So far my cars have all been used American cars bc they’re cheap af since most of them don’t hold they’re value since theyre … well, cheap af.

I don’t know why anyone would buy a new American car tho. (Other than to keep affordable used cars in my pipeline.)

It’s ugly, but you can mount a machine gun on it so…


The US still has unionized workers?

The other often ignored factor with trucks is that they are all around heavier duty parts. Hundreds of thousands of k, no problem you can in general keep them a lot longer than a car.

My truck has 330k on it and it runs like new. I’ll likely get 500k on it before I consider a new vehicle. That’s not typical with a car.

T_P: pickups are not cars. They are both vehicles, to be sure.
Please stay on topic, which is.,… (checks the OP)… strikes.
I don’t think I could ever buy an American-engineered car. And it is not because of the engineers; it is because of the executive level getting in the way of the engineers, cuz $$$.
in fact, I have bought both an American-made car and a Canadian-made car. Both Toyotas, and both broke 200K miles.

Anywho, I hope they (executives) figure out a way to pay their unionized employees AND get back to providing proper service (airlines) and products (auto companies).

I remember wanting to form a union for actuaries at my company to pressure the higher ups to dole out higher exam raises and boni

Now that I’m an FSA I feel no need to form an actuarial union

Unions will continue to bleed their host company dry (get it, they are parasites). They will continue to do so if the US government bails out the big 3 automakers again the next time they are on the brink of failure.

Let those union pensions implode, PBGC premiums are too low

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This is the most god damned American thing I’ve heard in a long time. God Bless you and God bless the greatest country on errf

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that’s not what I was thinking about actually

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Yeah, the Toyota 22R is one of the best engines of all time, imo.

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I wonder what kind of engine the crane was using