Magnetic People....They Were NOT LYING


" " It’s a substance that reacts to magnets ," the official told Nikkei , adding " It could be metal. “”

And you trust these eugenicists…stoooopppiidddddjacksheepleasses and their love for big gubment.

A friend of my Dad’s is a polo referee who was struck by lightning. When he was in hospital he learned that having survived being struck by lightning resulted in his “polarity” being flipped, such that if he were in a crowd of people and lightning struck he is definitely the one who would get hit.

That’s the worst lighting-induced superpower I’ve ever heard of.


:laughing: agreed, he hasn’t had great luck generally in his life (although one could argue surviving being struck by lighting is pretty lucky)

That might depend on the conditional strike fatality rate. But someone wise did once say even “missing a 10% chance of something really nasty is lucky, not just ‘of course’.”

Eff you.

  • Zeus, probably

:laughing: and your definition of lucky, of course

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I for one am still waiting for my cell reception to improve post vaccination…


Considering there’s probably a decent overlap between anti-vax and those who’ll trample someone on Black Friday at Walmart, there’d probably be a rush on vaccination if you told them they’d become a free hotspot.