Lying Lawyers - Certifying The Electorate

I know the first part is a redundancy,

OK, Pence knew he did not have the authority to overturn the state certifications.
I have been questioning what if he did? I assume the SC would then step in.

However, the Legislators also did not have the power. There job was to authorize the certifications were correct and authentic. They had no right to challenge the results. That is what the courts are for and we know how that went. Those who are lawyers (Cruz, Hawley) who knowingly lied, are there grounds for disbarment? As with Pence if they actually had a majority, the SC would have stepped in, but they knew they were out of their authority.

As with Giuliani, his claims of the votes being pulled out from under the tables. Not just lies, re-edited.
I saw the full video. The counters were told to pack up for the night, uncounted votes were put into the cases, locked up and put under the table… They were then told that they wanted them to continue, and that is when you see them pulling the votes out from under the tables.

Anyway, as lawyers, I would think, hope that these actions should not be permitted to continue without some punishment.

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Legislators had the right to object. They did not have demonstrably valid grounds to object, which makes their objections disingenuous with the intent to seed distrust in the process, but that’s a different point.

Point made elsewhere: if Biden had gone in with say 273 EVs and Republicans had won the House, they could have easily objected to any one state’s duly elected voters and replaced them with anything they wanted that they deemed acceptable and we’d be talking about the coup on democracy that had taken place - and Republicans would be telling everyone else to go eat shit and loudly, consistently denouncing objections to what they did and calling for the military to crush the insurrectionists.