Location history and privacy

Here’s a worrying development on the data privacy front:

A Catholic publication “The Pillar” bought some data via a data broker that contained “anonymized” Grindr location data. They were able to link a device to a specific priest since he used it in the Bishop’s residences, offices, and his family lake house and then tied it to the Grinder data. They publicly outed him, forcing his resignation.

Very worrying

Seems that this publication already had some evidence or hearsay of this bishop’s not practicing what he (professionally) preached.

My not-having-a-smartphone is looking better and better

The location of my employer changed and now it looks like I traveled quite a distance every day for work. :rofl:

The owners of this website has lots of info on us (posters+lurkers). :grinning:


Privacy is a Delusion.

The whole world is a stage with the whole world as the audience with the richest able to buy the best seats in the house and choose where to place the curtains.


yeah, well, I’m just using my words.

(oh noes)


If you are going to do questionable things, don’t use your smart phone? wonder why he didn’t try Hunter Biden laptop approach.

There is no privacy. You’re almost never anonymous online.

It takes nothing to Google your username and start finding footprints. And those footprints combined very often point directly at you irl. And anyone can do that.

I maintain a pretty light personal profile online deliberately, but even I’m not anonymous.


Yup, there’s a reason I never try posting anonymously anywhere. I’m not fooling myself.

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I started on the AO feeling anonymous, but disclosed enough information there many years ago that I figure those that were curious could figure it out. That’s still true here. I don’t care if people figure out who I am. Hell, if you are in my town we can go grab a beer.

Same, for a while I just lurked on the AO. When I joined I tried keeping things really close to the vest. Somewhere around 2015 I started leaking enough that you could figure out who I was if you wanted to put in some legwork. And I’ve flatly told several people who I am… including ArthurItas, who I’ve met IRL.

I had a beer set up with 2pac a long time ago but he ghosted me. Too bad, I’d have loved to have had abeer with them.
Otoh my spouse doesn’t want to meet any of youse guys. She’s seen too much of the moderation history.