Live interview, DW Simpson and ActuarialExamTutor, new partnership

They don’t mention the AO (I just saved you 40 minutes if that’s what you were wondering).

Can DWSimpson get the profanity sensor blackout *************

Maybe we should ban any mention of DWSimpson from this forum. That probably isn’t practical…

Not sure why we would do that. I get that they burned some bridges with the new forum, but Serena and I, as far as I know, are still cordial with them and expect to continue to be. Go ahead and talk about them.

I posted the video as I thought folks would be interested, and Was curious as to the details of the partnership.

And why in hell does my iPad randomly capitalize stuff. If I’m going to censor any company, it’s be Apple because they make my posts look stupid(er).

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Yeah I wasn’t being very serious there.

was being facetious

It’s important that we’re able to mock and roast them incessantly using their name.