Links for all SOA SDM study notes - 2023

In case you want to save some money, all of the SOA SDM study notes for the 2023 syllabus can be found online. Here are the links:

SDM-138-14: When and When Not to Vertically Integrate

SDM-179-19: Strategy to Beat the Odds

SDM-191-22: What Everyone Gets Wrong about Change Management

SDM-192-22: Cultural Change that Sticks

SDM-193-22: Accelerate!

How Business Dynamics Applies to Actuaries

SDM-194-22: The Hard Side of Change Management


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In Spring 2020, more than half of those passing SDM (21 out of 39) were XP students - we are back now after a hiatus due to family health issues. Check out our many testimonials specific to the SDM exam on our website and here at GoActuary.

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Just a reminder all of the study notes for SDM are available online for free!

And see below for a reminder to not take this exam lightly!