Last movie you've watched

The movie took a very different approach than the book but I enjoyed them both very much.

King Kong - Jack Black version


My first time to watch this movie. Sobering. Well done.

Everest - I don’t think I’ve had a desire to scale Mt. Everest since I was a small child, but watching that has removed any doubt that that is not something I feel I ever need to do.

The book that this is NOT based on is even better. “Into Thin Air.”

Foe on Amazon. Set in the future (2065 maybe) and Earth is dying. We are building “planets” in space and conscripting men to work on building them. The story takes place on Earth though with essentially three characters. The story is very weird and hard to follow (intentionally so that the twist isn’t seen coming). Very dark and the director used a very sparse color palette which fits the story perfectly. Two of the lead actors are Irish but they did a good job hiding the accents.

Upgraded on Amazon. Sort of an update on The Devil Wears Prada in the art world with Marisa Tomei as the cranky boss sporting a ridiculous Italian accent. Basically a rom-com with a huge misunderstanding early on that leads to the break up later on. Pretty well done for what it was.

**the Guernsey Literary and Sweet Potato Peel Pie Society ** - my wife really enjoyed this one, I thought it was just OK.

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I finally got around to watching the Monk movie last night. It was cute and poignant. I love Tony Shalhoub, he is one of my top 5 favorite actors. Now I want to go do a Monk rewatch.


It’s on Netflix, FWIW.

Not sure about Netflix, but Weaselette watches it on Amazon prime

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Rent A Groom on Amazon. One of the worst rom-coms I’ve seen in quite a while. Very vanilla story, not very interesting characters and awful dialog. Story bounces all over the place.

Finished “Freakonomics” (the movie, on Hulu). Eh. Good way of communicating to the non-reader about how incentives drive decisions.

“We Choose to Believe” (MAX) about ARG 2022 World Cup win. Not about The World Cup, mind you, only ARG’s version of it.
Final is still an awesome match.

Run Lola Run! So good.
Watched with the little kid as she’s more or less old enough to appreciate it now.



I love Monk. Don’t know if I’ve seen the movie. It’s one of the few shows that the whole family agreed on when the kids were younger.

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Midsommar on HBO. Strange and creepy. A little bit overboard but I thought it was pretty decent. Don’t watch if you don’t like gore.

ITA with this assessment. Watched The Beekeeper in the theater with my son. He thought it was okay, but not likely to watch it again. I, OTOH, enjoyed it a lot; mostly for its nostalgic aspects of the action movie from the 1980’s. I can see this movie giving Arnold and Sly a run for their money in terms of an “enjoyable” action movie.

The one thing I will add to what @OldTimer posted: the reason for the revenge is related to the scamming of an elderly lady (Phylicia Rashad’s character) that resulted in her suicide.

queenpins. was entertaining

Argyle at the theater. Pretty terrible. So bad it was quite fun though. Lady writes spy novels that seem to be spot on. Her hero, Argyle, is a real spy. Lots of silly twists and turns. Great cast. Just not a good story I my opinion. Still laughed through out.

Marvels on Disney+
Family enjoyed it. I don’t get the hate for this movie. It was fun. I assume it’s mostly sexism since it’s an all-female trio of super-heroines. Thought they did some fun stuff with the power-switching. And the kitties gave some good comedy.

Train to Busan on amazon
Have heard good things about this one for awhile, and finally got around to it. Korean zombie horror that takes place mostly on a train. It was really good if you are into that kind of thing. Lots of fast-paced action and some pretty tense moments.

Ripoff of “Romancing The Stone”?