Last movie you've watched

Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty over the weekend. And part of The King’s Speech? Idk if that’s the right title. We were watching at bedtime and decided to finish later.

The “Almighty” movies were funny.

I"m not sure they really count as movies. Psych the musical and Psych the movie. Well, I suppose the second has to count just because of the name. Both are basically long episodes and both are in the style of the later episodes (where the psych part is less and less important and they don’t take themselves seriously much at all) and both feature the return of previous guest stars. Both are pretty good for their style. Ally Sheedy is in the musical and she’s just perfect in the return of her role.


Asteroid City on Peacock. If you like Wes Anderson, you may like his latest creation. If you don’t care for his work, there is almost no chance you’ll enjoy this one. The takes it to 11 here. First off, Tom Hanks replaces Bill Murray and it just doesn’t feel right. There is less plot here than in most of his films. The film is about a play but it plays out in the desert, not on a stage, although some of the film is on stage. a little like Synecdoche, New York. One of the fun parts of his movies is looking to see the old reliables. We get many with Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, Adrien Brody, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Wright. Missing are Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Frances McDormand.

Haunted Mansion - enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Wife wanted to see it so we finally got around to it. Light fare that I won’t say was great, but it wasn’t a rehash of the Eddie Murphy film so that was nice. Thought the actors did a good part with their roles and it was overall pretty fun.

I finally saw Rushmore a few weeks ago. It was…odd. But enjoyable enough

I have 30 or so minutes left to finish “Flash” on HBO
Not sure when, if ever, that will happen.

The Little Mermaid (Disney) ok, it wasn’t bad, and w/o comparisons to the original it might have come off better, but nothing felt fresh or new. The girl’s voice was point on , but that was also the problem, I felt like I was just hearing the same stuff. The animated characters lacked the charisma of the original as well.

The Flash (Max) Quite a mess. I felt many of the DC films lacked any humor, this one tried way too hard. Throw in bad graphics and a confusing time travel storyline. Some cool cameos, though those didn’t make sense to me either in the time line

Big George Foreman: (HBO) It was good, just not all that inspiring. I just don’t feel they captured George well as the angry guy in the beginning and the jovial preached at the end. It was all mentioned and emphasized, he wasn’t portrayed to the degrees I remember. Little things like making Frazier look huge, bothered me as well. Foreman was physically dominant, maybe Davis wasn’t a big enough guy to portray that as well.

Have you seen the documentary on Schwartzeneggar (Netflix)j? I found it interesting.

Tried to watch Asteroid City last night. Did not get too far in before giving up. As my wife put it “maybe we’re just not artsy enough people”. I’m glad I did not pay to see it in the theater.

just added it, saw Pumping Iron, has anything happened in the last 45 years?


American Gladiators (another documentary on Netflix).

Watched Jackie Chan’s “Police Story” and “Police Story 2.” (Max.) Fights and stunts were great, but stories were shit. Outtakes were the best.

Started rewatching “Star 80” (Max). Haven’t seen it in decades. Eric Roberts is a king sleezeball. Mariel’s new boobs steal the show (her former boobs steal the show in “Personal Best”, which I also need to revisit – cuz they are before-and-after pics).

No Hard Feelings on Amazon with Jennifer Lawrence as a struggling Uber driver trying to save her family house. She loses the car and needs transportation so she takes on a job to “date” a 19 year old before he leaves for college. Pretty funny stuff, if a bit predictable. Lawrence does have a fairly long full frontal scene when she confronts some utes who try to steal their clothes while they are skinny dipping.

Hypnotic also on Amazon with Ben Affleck. He is perfect for this role as it requires a fairly emotionless delivery, his strength. Tough to follow and a lot of slow reveals. Found it hard to guess what was coming next for all of the film. If you watch it, there is a key scene in the credits that completely changes the ending of the movie.

The Flash on Max. Not sure what the kerfuffle was about this. Yeah, Ezra is creepy in real life. Don’t watch if you don’t want to see him. I thought it was a fairly entertaining film, but I find myself wondering why I keep watching Marvel and DC movies.

I also did a rewatch of Money Ball and Draft Day, both on Max, since I was there already for The Flash.

A bit overloud for a non-action movie. Might have been the theater I was in, or my earballs, but I’ll have to watch with captions next time. Far too many special effects when not needed. We get it, he had nightmares.
But, well-acted, well-written, well-made.
The Trailers were all way too loud. Maybe I’m just used to my shitty A/V system at home. “The Marvels” looks like every other special-effects movie. “Killers of the Blood Moon” trailer by Scorcese seemed to give away the whole movie.
I had a dilemma: It started at 6 (well, trailers made it 6:15 or so), and I had just eaten some pasta and garlic bread, so should I get the giant caffeine soda to get through the 3-hour movie without sleeping, but risk having to pee before the end? Well, I bought it and made it, but barely.

It’s a shame that you can’t put a movie in a cinema on pause while you use the toilet the way you can at home.

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Or have the bathroom positioned so you can still see the screen while using it (useful during the superbowl).Maybe have some pissoirs behind the back seats.

“Everybody, stop watching. I’m pausing because I have to go. If anyone else has something they need to do, they should do it now.”
Should go over pretty well.

That said, if my son didn’t pay for the tickets, I’d have waited to watch at home.

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I’m old enough to remember movie intermissions. I didn’t really need them back then, but I’m sure a lot of the older folk appreciated it.


I would pay extra to have an intermission in any screening over two hours.

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A Haunting in Venice - this was an enjoyable movie. Not sure we needed to see on the big screen but wife wanted to go out.