Labor Day Weekend 2023

Already off to a good start. Mrs. Hoffman went out and put stain on the cedar siding on the side of the house that really needed to be treated. Climbed the ladder, dealt with wasps, all of that.

She expects me to scrub out the hot tub, though. Does she not realize I work?

She also thinks I should help with treating the rest of the siding around the rest of the house. Like, getting up on a ladder on the other side, maybe even climbing on the roof and such. Seriously? I had hip surgery 13 months ago, do we really want to start rolling the dice on it so soon?

Drinking is TBD. We have a bottle of Irish creme whiskey. From experience after we celebrated putting Mom and Dad in the mausoleum in their hometown, it’s very tasty.


Sounds like fun!
I’m a bit amazed that after 20 years in the same house we have not had a nest of wasps or hornets. My parents’ house had some every year, but maybe a different climate 30 miles away from us. Bees in the chimney? Yes, twice. Just swarms looking for a hive spot.
So, getting haircut tomorrow, three of us driving to my wife’s cousin.
After that, pretty much free. Local Concert in the park looks meh but free. Probably some good drinking going on somewhere. Friend asked if I wanted to go fishing (ocean). Last time I went, it was an all-day affair (out of San Diego, 25 years ago) and I caught nothing. Was sick most of the time. Will this be any different? Probably not. Am I still thinking about going? Maybe. Bonine or patch me up! Rockfish seems to be the most frequent at this time.

I’ve made myself known:

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I sincerely hope they were already dead. Right?




I am at the CNE right now. :ferris_wheel: :circus_tent: