Hey did you guys see that, that was crazy

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Official 2 hour marathon is on notice

damn near killed 'em

I did see it. amazing.

Second half split under 1-hour, just like in London.

The range of distances that Hassan has run this year at the level that she has run is also crazy.

I wonder what’d be like to see IRL. I’d be like, on by bike, or I guess driving a car in downtown speeds, and then just see some dude run past me on flat terrain.

Bunch of my friends ran the Chicago 262. Some more of them were there to cheer them on and also saw Kiptum’s WR. I am shocked that Chicago now holds the WR time for 26.2s

The wife and I were out riding our bikes and I commented that we were doing about what our SIL ran in his first marathon. She’s not a fast biker so we only go about 7.5mph when we go together on the fairly flat river parkway by our house. When I go alone I do about 10mph and we only ride for an hour. Yeah, I’m way out of shape but still, I don’t think I could keep up with him for the whole thing unless I get an ebike.

He’s doing 13.1 mph for 2 hours. I can definitely beat him over a half marathon if I’m on a bike, and pretty sure I can do the full but it would hurt.