Judging a company based on how they treat their adjusters?

Many years ago I interviewed at a company that had a lousy glassdoor rating. I told a friend about it and he said I’d probably be okay since I’m an actuary, and that all the 1-star reviews were probably from disgruntled claim adjusters.

However, looking back on my personal life I have mostly found that one way to find out if a person is an asshole is to watch how they treat service people, such as waitstaff, doormen, receptionists, etc. If they treat them badly, it’s only a matter of time until they throw you under the bus, no matter how much they have to gain from associating with you or how well they are treating you at the moment.

Should this logic be applied to executive management? If the admins, adjusters, and underwriting assistants are treated poorly, would that be an indication that the company overall is a bad place to work or that such treatment would also apply to the actuarial department?

I have no idea what the customer service is like for any of the companies I’ve worked for, so can’t draw any particular correlation.

Not sure why the two would be correlated

I don’t think he’s asking about customer service, i think he’s asking if the way the company treats its low-level “interchangeable” employees, like claims adjusters and admins, badly, then it’s likely to also treat its actuaries badly. And I think that’s probably true more often than not.

I mean, sometimes you just have an asshole as head of claims, and the rest of the company is pretty decent or something. But I’d take it as a red flag.