Joe Biden's Responsibility for COVID Death's

I am creating this thread to record the earliest occurrence of a Republican making a statement similar to
“COVID deaths are no better under Biden” or “more people died in one day under Biden than any day trump was president” or “more people died of COVID in Biden’s first year than four years under trump”

Gross. Over/under at Jan 31?

I’d say january 22 at the latest.

This thread is probably better suited for “Political Topics”

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I agree with Ranger. I’ve moved it accordingly.

this hasn’t even happened yet, but i’m sure it will, and i already hate trumpkins a little more for something they have yet to do.

Hunter Biden created the virus in a Chinese lab and unleashed it on the world so his father Joe could become POTUS and Joe is responsible for every COVID death on the planet.

I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen this one yet.

Have all you guys forgotten already? This already happened. Trump blamed Biden for the lack of a covid mask mandate on 9/15/20. Video is available. I’m guessing that’s not the only time.

I should add, if we’re predicting the date, I choose 9/15/20