Jesus vs Mary

Greetings from Rome everyone.
Who do you think is represented in art (let’s say paintings) more, Jesus or Mary? (Anything with Jesus and Mary is a wash since they are both included, so exclude those).

I thought the ratio would be Jesus:Mary at least 2:1 but some people think Mary is greater. What say ye?

Below is Mark Chagall, I don’t know his repertoire well but I have photographed other paintings of him and Jesus in the past.

I thought in many pietas, Mary is often larger:

Oh, frequency… hmmm.

Well, generally, Mary is rarely displayed without Jesus, or some indication of Jesus, I’d think.

And maybe my setup is unfair. It would probably be meaningful to have all three categories. I think Mary only is going to be a distant third, but Jesus and Mary+baby Jesus could be close although I still think with the crucifixion and many bible stories he would win out.

Chagall is the most reknowned Jewish artist. Much of his art is Jewish folklore.

So, what is art? Jesus on velvet, on a decorative plate, jewlery? if schlock art counts, i say Jesus by a wide margin.

That kid with the bat, his name is Mary. TMYK…

Well, you’ll probably get a different answer in Rome than, say, Wittenburg.

i would def guess jesus. i thought catholics were the group that seemed to venerate mary more, and not all the art in the world (or esp the last 100 yrs) is from folks w that background. i’m thinking of all the US evangelical types - that would be jesus by a landlside, right?