Is Walmart Evil?

Well, just bad enough not to get fired.

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i doubt u could really sabotage the company anyway unless you were in a high power role

double pay? sign me up

Amazon sounds more “evil” if our metric is impact on small businesses

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Walmart didn’t get to the position it’s at by being idiots re: management.

I have family that works at Walmart. They got more pay & benefits via Walmart than the other local opportunities. And thanks to Walmart, I got access to goods at reasonable prices where I didn’t need to do mail order (and yes, we had Sears Roebuck and Wells Fargo (not the bank) providing access to goods we couldn’t get from the small stores… and I originally thought Amazon was a stupid idea, and have enjoyed Amazon since.)

There is a long history of middlemen being seen as evil, when they get really efficient and effective. And many of them get replaced by competitors. It’s tough to survive.

I don’t know how much we should romanticize small local businesses? If the shop-owners are the richest folks in town by virtue of charging high prices to the local citizenry in the absence of much competition, how “noble” is that compared to Walmart selling the same products at a lower price to the same folks? Both hire local people to work in their stores. Walmart may have a better compensation package.

I sense Amazon is more of a bully than Walmart on suppliers and employees. A lot of unhappy warehouse employees at Amazon.

higher prices mean more money is circulated within the community instead of going straight to the waltons/stockholders, which means a better standard of living for workers albeit less efficient economically

Walmart is huge, and has affected many people. Some have been hurt, others have been helped.

I don’t think they are any more evil than any other giant powerful company. Their basic purpose is to sell stuff people want, which i see as a good thing.

I’d work for them if i liked the job and was comfortable with what i was doing for them.

Hands down best Star Trek aliens

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This would be tough… on one hand if someone offered me even 2x salary to work for cigarette company that sounds tempting… on the other hand may god have mercy on my soul and maybe I’d be strong enough to not accept any offer… hmm

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I think I’d need to follow the money more closely here. Who is to say the Waltons/Stockholders aren’t doing a better job of trickling down their earnings but in different communities?

i think the proof is in the pudding. Billionaires have their money just sitting around and not providing any economic good besides making them richer. All this money should be circulated

Hmmmm, I need to think more about this one.

“not providing any economic good” is a contentious statement I think. The money isn’t sitting under a mattress, it’s invested in assets so they’re providing additional supply of capital which makes it cheaper for businesses to borrow money and grow.

Think of all the orphanages that are bigger because Wal-Mart helped drive down their cost of capital!?

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to be fair, most billionaires wealth is tied up in stock and not cash. So how do u spread stock around?


maybe it’s the means of production that is becoming monopolized. Sounds marxist :open_mouth:

Well we certainly can’t have that. Now the bit the government is meant to regulate is when Wal-Mart becomes so big that they aren’t providing cheaper/higher quality stuff due to their size, they’re preventing competition and reaping “consistent economic profits” then we want to come in with the nerf gun and start breaking them up.

In my view we (governments) have been pretty wimpy on that front in the last few decades though (in the insurance industry at the very least)…

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look at japan. still majority mom and pop shops. i think they have a simple rule that if a new business starts in any district, it needs majority approval of business owners in the district. This would prevent behemoths like walmart from moving in

i dunno. It could also be that lower prices keep money in the community since people can pay less and this raises the standard of living.

has walmart in general improved the community’s standard of living?