Is there a cost-effective way to make political contributions?

Let’s say I had these objectives, not necessarily in order:

  1. Dems keep (at least 50-50) the US Senate
  2. Dems keep the US House
  3. Dems win PA governor
  4. Dems win PA’s current US senate race
  5. Dems win PA House and Senate
  6. Republicans do NOT win state elections likely to restrict voting access.

#5 is probably pie in the sky, #6 best outcome might be holding down the number of such Republican wins. #3 and #4 are likely to be achieved regardless of what I do, but neither is a sure thing. That said, any thoughts on best places to donate whatever small (if any) amounts I choose to donate?

Question came up because I just got contribution requests from Move On (whom I don’t think I’ve ever donated to before, but fairly often sign their petitions) and from the DNC (whom I certainly haven’t supported in many years, if ever), each focused on objectives 1 and 2.

Lincoln Project?

Seems like donating to the PA Senate candidate is at least a two-for. Same for a PA House candidate.

If you’re not a member of the Donor Class, your small donation is most unlikely to affect outcomes. Remember how Amy McGrath got way more money than Mitch McConnell?

I do admire your attempt to proactively inform yourself rather than send checks to the first two organizations that solicited you.

here’s a cost-effective way: don’t

yes. donate $10 million to your Senator, and you’ll be guaranteed to get $100 million in kickbacks over the next decade.

Oh, don’t have $10 million? Don’t bother.

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