Is Pogacar sandbagging or what

…he has like no competition in this event…

Which race is right now? I know it’s none of the grand tours and I don’t really follow the others.

But if Pogacar is not in it to win it, could it be that he’s just using it as a training run for the Tour de France?

Also, what channel?

Tour of Slovenia, first stage gave me Cinzano vibes.

I have a GCN subscription so I watch it there.

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Oh I remember you saying that.

Tour de France starts in 13 days… that’s surely a bigger priority than the Tour of Slovenia for Pogacar, who I presume is the favorite to win TDF.

He is not doing any of the signature pre TDF preps….interesting strategy will see in July I guess

Dood, you watch any of those stages? Them UAE guys pull away 60km and all the div 2 teams can’t do nothin about it.

It’s like a pre-victory lap of Slovenia so that everyone can come out to see him and wish him well for tdf. Not like that other Slovenian.

Anje Kopitar?