Is pet insurance worth it?

Asking for a friend who might be thinking about pet insurance

How much does your friend love his/her pet?

Also, I hear there are great rates at Petwell.


a lot

What is covered?

What is the cost?

if you can self insure, that usually is the better way to go (for any peril with no heavy cross subsidization)

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Yep, skip it. Insurance is for catastrophic financial losses, and pet costs shouldn’t qualify for that.

We are not them

We are not…them

Keep in mind that some costs for “vet care” in the US can be pretty pricey. I would agree that for most with an actuarian’s salary that such costs aren’t going to be that huge of a burden . . . but for many, doing “pet insurance” as a way to “pre-finance” end-of-life costs for a pet can help grant “peace-of-mind”.

Unless you’re like my grandpa and willing to drive to some remote “wilderness” area and dig a 6’ hole and shoot your pet in the head to end its life . . . then this sort of cost might not be problematic either.

At any rate, the one pet I’ve had to euthanize was around $800 when it was all said and done.

tell that to dental or eye insurance…

That’s not remotely worth the monthly premium and the high deductibles that pet insurance usually has. (also, pet insurance coverage usually has an age window. you can’t insure super young or old dogs, and coverages sometimes automatically end a couple years before the expected age of death for the breed/size)

The only time that pet insurance is worth it is if the diagnostics and treatment can cost upwards of tens of thousands. It does make that type of scenarios easier on the purse, especially when you’re already dealing with the emotional trauma.

But, that’s a risk I’m willing to personally take, since even a 20k bill isn’t going to bankrupt me. but if that kind of bill WILL bankrupt you, then pet insurance is probably worth it. Or just don’t buy a pet.

(and no, not treating the pet is not an option if you actually love your pet)

That’s because to a great extent, that stuff isn’t insurance. They’re benefits offered by your employer and are basically reimbursements. Sure the big stuff is insurance, but teeth cleaning and eye exams…… not insurance.

I had a separate thread on vision plans on the AO about how they don’t make any sense. It’s basically just a coupon for contact lenses or glasses and I have no idea how it’s economically viable.

Yeah, I remember that thread.

Do vision plans actually cover tail losses? Like eye cancer or stuff needing surgery or something? The stuff you buy insurance for? What covers that? I only see stuff like eye exams, contacts, and glasses covered in the plans I see.

I can love my pet and still not spend $20k on him/her.



You keeping those kittens you found???

My vision-priviledged co-workers are subsidizing my struggles!

Given my dog was approaching euthanization at the shelter, I figure she’s already lived 3 more years than she was slated for.