Is Google Assistant racist for not including AAVE?

I was trying to change the default voice on my Android phone and was appalled to see that there is no option for AAVE, aka Asian-American Vernacular English. Come on, there’s over 20 million of us here. I tried asking it where to find some sizzurp and it comes up with suggestions on which surgeons to find for cyst ruptures? With all the Asians working in Silicon Valley there’s no excuse for this!

Be culturally sensitive Google. Don’t be evil.

I buy my solar power from Lincoln Electric.


Shame on you, solar power!

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…using all your rays to create deadly electric power when instead you could be put to use creating tan lines!


They also don’t have Southern American English or Scots English.

All y’all doesnae underston it.

I want Bob Dylan on my list of options on Siri.

Edit, if I get to pick one, I think I’m actually going with Homer Simpson.

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Shame goes out…it always goes out!

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