Is business class worth it?

Every now and then I fantasize about going business class on long international flights but every time I find that I would rather spend the money on other things like a nicer hotel or meals or something.

I’ve reached a point where I have enough money that I suck it up and pay for business/first class.

For one thing, my husband’s shoulders are wider than economy class seats so, through no fault of his own, it’s just very uncomfortable to sit next to him in economy.

And starting vacation with my back all out of joint just makes for an unpleasant vacation.

We can afford business class, so that’s what we get. Or first class if there is no business.

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I have been able to adjust to a 12 hour time zone change during the flight by getting a decent 6 or so hours of sleep on a seat that basically turned into a bed. I would not be able to do that in economy. But also, I did not pay for this 6-7k ticket.

Think of what this might do to your cheese budget!!!

For me, for now, I don’t. Pandemic aside, we typically travel 3-4 times per year for leisure, times three people in my household, so 9-12 round-trip tickets. Moving up to business/first would add a pretty staggering amount to our travel budget.

Once our son is out of the house, maybe. Not all the time, but perhaps if I’m going to be on planes for ~24 hours to get to SE Asia or Galapagos, might be worth it.

It would be bad, so b-class is off the table on the way to Europe when I go. Then I’ll have an extra few grand to spend on cheese.

But I might need it on the way back…

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If I had a million dollar deal to close the next day I think I would pay for first or business class.

I’m of below average girth so long haul flights haven’t been unbearable. But depending on what kind of plane I go on, economy class has ranged from being great to being uncomfortable.

Back in the before time, I would refuse to fly red eye flights unless someone else bought me a business/first class ticket. I need my sleep, and I can’t get good sleep in sardine class.

If, hypothetically, I were sent on an intercontinental flight for business, I would also insist on at least business class seating for similar reasons. I wouldn’t buy such a ticket with my own money…but I definitely would consider blowing a bunch of frequent-flyer points.

My wife is a full-figured lady with chronic pain issues. In the before time, she took two round trip flights a year. She usually flies in First, assuming it’s an option for the aircraft selected, as the fares on her usual route are not too horrible if booked far enough in advance, nonrefundable, and after accounting for the cost differences in luggage policies between First and Economy.

Is before time what we are calling pre-COVID? Is that official?

I forget where I picked up the phrase…probably Reddit…but I like it. :slight_smile:

I’ve only flown business class for the past maybe 10 international flights to Europe and Asia.

Absolutely worth it. The whole experience is so much more pleasant if you’re awake.

But also, this was before I was introduced to the likes of xanax and ambien. I imagine if you have some sort of sleeping pill, you may not need to be in business class.

If you plan on passing out and not eat any of the food, it makes no difference where you pass out, or how comfortable the seats are. A strong sedative makes you forget all of that.

A few of the international flights I’ve been on were of the super long type that required a stop. Like when I flew to Singapore with a stop in Tokyo. Kind of did random stuff on my phone to Tokyo but passed out before takeoff on the way to Singapore.

I can see how miles would be worth it to upgrade. The cost is just too much for me though, typically at least 5k, I can suffer one night of no sleep for that price.

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I have flown business class on long international flights quite a few times, but I have never paid for them myself. Went on the company dime many times, got upgraded a few times, cashed in FF miles for tickets a few times…

It’s very nice, but I have trouble paying that much for it. I’d rather just have a slightly uncomfortable night and spend that money on other things.

I cashed in frequent flyer miles on a round the world trip once, and that was well worth going business class. I think I spent 7 nights on the plane during that trip over 6 weeks, including multiple back-to-back overnight flights.

past age 30, it’s not just one night of no sleep. It’s neck pain for a month, back pain for a week, sleep recovery, and much more

paired that with jet lag, indigestion, etc. you’d wish you paid 20k for that upgrade

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Fair enough if you’ve had those issues. I have not.

Must be a lot of mileage on that body, as I’m over 50 and don’t have neck pain for a month, back pain for a week, indigestion from coach (wtf), sleep recovery…

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oh, this body’s been used and abused

I dunno man, there’s a fringe theory that kind of thing is caused by subconscious psychogenic rage. For some reason, programmers swear by it. But what do I know, I’m just an actuary.

My ass starts to hurt on domestic flights 3 hours in.

Anything past 4 hours will start to drive me insane mentally, on top of my legs and ass hurting.